2016 Mustang Upgrades (Starting Soon)


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Good evening all.

I have a bone-stock 2016 with 87300 miles. Equip 101A with the 18" wheels, power driver's seat, fog lights, and rear lip spoiler. I'm at the point where I've just wanting to do some mods.

My mod list is starting to come together, and I've got 3 areas that I want to modify: Engine/drivetrain, exhaust, and interior.

1. - Pro-charger - Why not blow it up? - $7000.00+ install. Somewhere between 150-200hp add at the crank, which should roughly translate to around 410+rwhp. I'm thinking of just buying this through American Muscle, but I'm concerned about what it might mean for the longevity of the engine and its components. But I really think that this might be #1 on my list of desired mods because it would just make the whole car better. The Pro-Charger kit includes the tune and injectors and CAI, but I'm sure install will run me another grand, easily. This one's slated for a year from now (or more). I'm about to do some long-term travel which will have me parking my car for a while.

1a. - One piece drive shaft. - Uh, you don't add the SC without changing this out, I understand. Debating whether to get the single piece aluminum or if I should fork over the extra $400-500 for the carbon fiber option. Any advice for this one would be helpful.

2. - Cat-Back exhaust. - With the extra HP coming from the front end, it only stands to reason that I should think of adding a little more fire-breathing exhaust to the unit. This is where I'm torn. If I do add a SC to this car, I'm very tempted to keep it as "sleeper" as possible. Quiet exhaust and stock appearance, totally subdued until the pedal goes down. If anyone has a recommendation here, I'd love to hear it.

3. - (In progress) - Sound and Audio Upgrades. - I've ordered my speakers and the compact sub unit for under the passenger seat (courtesy of Crutchfield) to finally ditch the f--king terrible factory sound. I'm very tempted to upgrade the head unit to the Infotainment replacement unit. I just got the approval from the Mrs. to do this one, but I'm a little hesitant to get after it right now. I'm thinking I might wait until after the SC install. Price $1899.00 from (link) Infotainment 4" to 8"

4. - Dash upgrade - Going with that 2018+ PP electronic dash look. So, Infotainment makes a dash drop-in to replace the twin bezel beauty that we all love. This one is the hardest justification for me. $2200 for the unit, though it looks like it's a self-install, rather than having to pay someone to do it. I got to drive a 2020 before the 'Rona hit, and the PP dash and display was absolutely awesome. I've wanted it for my car ever since. Absolutely idiotic, but totally cool.

That's the run down, so let me know that you think I'm nuts. Let me know if you think it's a good idea. I get it. I'm sure one or two of you will even tell me to go buy a GT, and I'll argue that a 2016 that's paid off is way better than spending $30-35K on a used 2019-2020 GT, especially when I'll get more rwhp out of the deal, but I get it all, and you're probably right.