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I get that it's an American car, and that people only focus on the V8s because of that. But imports have a huge aftermarket for v6s, and it's not as if a cheap v6 mustang doesn't have the potential for high performance.

The 3.7L cyclone is a solid engine, it's better for handling than the Coyote, and is in several hundred thousand cars and trucks. not to mention, the closely related ecoboosts are becoming a very popular swap for retro-mods. It is a decent size market, and yet there's more available for my Datsun. What are your thoughts on the matter?

If you have any good sources, please post them and I will gradually add them to the list:

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Yeah, but what does imports having a huge aftermarket for V6s have any meaning,
when the Mustang 3.7 is DOMESTIC? I know, to post an ad...

By the way, it is no different for handling than the Coyote, that's a boldface

The 3.7 is a newer engine, based on another one, that's why there isn't a lot for it, so
YOU say. There are cams, turbos, intakes. What do you want for it, magic horses
for more power? You're just crowbaring an AD for SSM, how pitiful...



Imports having a large v6 aftermarket serves to demonstrate that v6 engines themselves have potential, and interest in the market regardless of where they are from (in other words, people do not exclusively want V8s, this very forum supports that). If there were no interest in V6s, we would see a larger aftermarket for import V8s (or exclusively domestic v8 engine swaps) than we do, and more import cars would be sold with V8s.
The old import Datsun is an illustration of the fact that a much less popular/sold car/engine has more aftermarket for it in North America, than a domestic car.

The 3.7L is smaller and lighter and the weight is further back than the 5.0L coyote. A GT may have the same handling as a base model but that's irrelevant when you are comparing engines, as suspension can be improved on the platform regardless of engine.

I am trying to take the initiative and enlist people to pool their knowledge so there is a resource here where people from all over the internet can easily find aftermarket parts here (as stated they are uncommon and hard to find). If you know of all of these places that sell performance parts, please share it with us.

But if you don't want to have a discussion with a civil tone, and you aren't contributing to the topic, I would request you move along.
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