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3.8 V6 Stang

Discussion in '1994-2004 V6 Mustang Tech' started by HumpZu, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. HumpZu

    HumpZu Guest

    Hi Everyone! Im new to the group & the whole world of stangs! I dont too much about it either. So, I wanted to ask a few questions and describe my concerns.

    I have a 96 Mustang w/ 3.8 liter.  The car seems more like a 3.0 or 3.3 at best.  I wasnt too impressed with the overall power the car delivers. Seems like the peak performance is from 25 to 55 mphs. I guess 2 and 3. Since I have an automatic transmission.  But, I usually get beat off the line and when on interstate traveling the speed limit 70 MPH, and try to accelerate hard, its not as fast or as much power, as if I was accelerating from a dead stop.

    Is this normal?  How can I improve my off line starts and improve acceleration from 70 or 80 on up?

    But Anyways..  On the subject of Horse Power.

    If you were a guy, who didnt know anything about cars and doesnt have a whole heck of a lot to spend of performance upgrades, where would you start?  A lot of people are saying start with the air filter and get an K & N?  Where should I take it from there?

    [email protected]
  2. BeatAMach1

    BeatAMach1 Guest

    Ok here goes, theres not much too it until you start getting into the heavy mods. Starting with a K&N air filter is a very good start but it literally does you absolutely no good if you dont have your exhaust built up. The stock exhaust is very restrictive. It cleans the air going into your engine a lot more than the stock filter but thats it. For starting you will want to go with a Cold Air Intake, you can read up on them in the performance mods section. And buy Dual Exhaust, you can find these at a lot of places. A performance chip will help out a lot too.

    The most expensive of those mods is the exhaust, some people have paid 600 and some have gotten them around 200 because they know their sh**. I got mine for 400. Gears will help you off the line but it will drop your top end way down. To remedy this you need to beef up the engine. Stroker kits, superchargers, port and polish jobs, new cam, new lifter/rockers, are all things you can have done to your engine but they take a while and most are expensive. Lot of labor involved with engine work. Thats the basics, theres tons of people on this site with a lot more information that can help you out too, theyre really good guys/gals. Happy Modding!

    PS...go with dual exhaust first, you will love it.
  3. 95Stang

    95Stang Guest

    So you want low end AND top end power. Which do you want more, cause Im gonna tell ya its gonna take MONEY to get bolth. Mad money. I suggest you start off with the CAI, ignition (plugs and wires), maybe even switching to a different oil. After that a TRUE dual system (exhaust comes out of headers into two diffent pipes, and stays that way!) and some headers. You might wanna try opening that intake too. Mass Air Flow Sensor, and throttle body. Thatll give you some good low end power, but youll want more. Now you get into the Heavy mods. Porting and polishing is a good way to start. If you want you can go with SuperSix Motorsports pakage deal, it is kinda expensive but well worth it. If you go with the best pakage (about $2300-2600, not sure) it should be all you need for some serious power adders. That will give you a new upper and lower intake and a set of good heads. Next you can slap on some better roller rockers, and a new cam. You will wanna upgrade to 24lbs injectors and the right MAS for those injectors. The pakage will come with a new fuel pump. If you really want topend power, stoke it. Stop laghing, a stroker kit will increase displacment from 3.8 to 4.2. This will increase top end power, and some low end power. After you build that high youll be ready for a supercharger. Another good power adder (which can come after a little build up) is nitrous. Now, thats all engine build up. If you want to jump off the line a little faster without touchin your engine, loose some weight. Aluminum driveshafts, after market suspension systems, and aluminum rear end covers all will drop some weight (the lighter you are, the less hp you need to go FAST!). If you have a 5-speed you can get a shrt throw shifter for faster and accurate shifts. If you got an AODE there are all kinds of shift kits and trans coolers you can get. Lets see, OH YEAH! GEARS!! Again the sequence is up to you. 3.55 and 3.73 gears are the most popular gears. Remember the higher the number, the faster youll go and the more top end speed youll lose. Ive heard most people go from a top end of 115 to 105 or around there. I have 3.73 but havent tryed them out yet. I think thats about it. Boy that was long. Also there is a build up guide in the articles section. Hope this helps.
  4. 95Stang

    95Stang Guest

    BTW welcome to the site and the world of Stangs!
  5. HumpZu

    HumpZu Guest

    What is the horse power for a 96 Stang w/ 3.8 L Windsor EFI Engine w/ out any mods, just as if it came right out of the factory?
  6. It has 150 hp.  Go with these things

    Dual Exhaust
    throttle body
    mass air flow sensor

    more money
    polish and port heads
    need engine work so that your engine will withstand the extra power.
  7. 3.8GT

    3.8GT Guest

    better start saving up money now............8)
  8. HumpZu

    HumpZu Guest

    LOL, been better if I would of gotten a 4.6.  But, I got a great deal on the car & plus it only has 16,000 Miles on it.   I might do a few things to this car, but I believe Ill save the money for a GT next time and wait til the next body style or the 40th Anv Model.  Anyone know when they plan to release the next sytle, maybe the 40th, u think?
  9. 3.8GT

    3.8GT Guest

    2003 body and engine changes.
  10. HumpZu

    HumpZu Guest

    Wouldnt happen to know a URL ( Webpage ) that has any pic of the new body would ya?  Have any idea what liter engines and horsepower there putting in the Mustang & GT ? For 2003
  11. 3.8GT

    3.8GT Guest

  12. stang_ahead

    stang_ahead Guest

    You also might go to blueovalnews.com. They have a rough drawing of what it might look like and also engine options and specs. I think it looks like they are going to be very sweet.
  13. HumpZu

    HumpZu Guest

    Did anyone else notice this for the 2003 Mustangs

    3.0 DOHC  w/  215hp

    4.0 SOHC  w/   210hp

    Does that seem a lil odd?  a 4.0 w/ less hp

    But, I tell u what still has me is why ford had a 3.8 liter engine w/ only 150 hp for previous mustangs.   150hp, isnt hardly a sports car?

    But, yeah sure did make up for in 99 producing 190...  which is more like it.. there getting a lil closer into the game now.   It just really frustates me to spend alot of money on mods to try to add more hp to car, when there should of been alot more to begin with.  

    Cant wait 2003 or 2004..   New body style and alot more horses.   Believe Ill wait to 04, for the 40th.

    I wonder what the new stangs will go for, when they do hit the market.
  14. 3.8GT

    3.8GT Guest

    probably not much more than they go for now!
  15. HumpZu

    HumpZu Guest

    Anyone recommend a good motor oil for a 96 Stang w/ 3.8 L Windsor EFI Engine ?
  16. HumpZu

    HumpZu Guest

    Also, seems that there isnt too much info on the Performance Mod about Cold Air Intake, can someone give me info on that.  Like a URL or explain it to me.   Needing to know how much they go for & if there is any certain things I need to look for, or maybe suggest a certain type
  17. 95Stang

    95Stang Guest

    BBK has a good CAI for bout the cheapest you can find.