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I found there is a slight restriction right at the neck of the intake plenum, behind the TB unit.

Behind the TB unit, is the EGR Valve bolted to the side of the intake plenum. The EGR valve
has a separate long curved metal tube that is directly in the intake air path. You can remove
the part, cut the curve out, and leave about 1/4" of the tube as a straight piece. Then you
reinstall the EGR valve and you should notice better response and a small HP gain.

This mod costs NOTHING, and takes about a half hour with basic tools. If you are an every little
bit of HP and throttle response counts kind'a guy, then this half hours worth of work won't hurt much.

Unhook the harness.
Unhook the two vacuum lines.
Remove EGR hard line, loosen the nut with a 1 1/16" wrench.
Remove the two 10mm bolts to pull the EGR valve off (save gasket).
Remove the two 5/16" bolts to remove the tube assembly from the plenum.

When you remove the EGR Valve, this is what is left in the intake plenum:

Make sure you do not loose or damage the EGR gasket.

This is what you have when you pull that piece out. You have to pull it, and turn it towards the firewall as you pull it out, carefully:

You can see the curved tube, which is directly in the path of the intake air stream, which does
cause some turbulence, and restriction. It is said to be there for a more complete EGR flow.
The gases are pulled out by the intake air stream vacuum as it passes over the tube.

What you are going to do, is hacksaw that curved section of the tube off:

Clean all the metal flings and burrs from the remaining tube.


Lightly lubricate the "O" ring before pushing that assembly back in.
Basically, you put the tube piece back in, then put the EGR valve back on it.

All done. There was no mention of any EGR codes afterwards. There should not be any, but if there
is a monitoring of EGR flow, not sure if the flow rate falls below tolerance to set the CEL. There was
no mention of that.

If anyone has done this, please let us know if you had any EGR codes.