88 Foxbody 5.0


Nor-Cal Stang
lol @ the one dollar comment. Anybody here educated about tubing the front end? When I go to look at it sunday I'll check it out. Want to make sure it isn't just going to snap the welds or something and have the front of the car fall off.


Page 36 Club
I'm guessing it's tubed as in k member and control arms. I'd find out what brand, but I'm pretty sure its not illegal.


Rare Roush Collector
Tubular front is lightweight. As long as it's not some knock off junk, you'll be fine. I'd be more worried about those ugly tail lights.


Why So Serious?
I'd be more worried that you don't get a title with the car. Without a title, you cannot inspect/legally drive the vehicle.

Those tail lights will not pass inspection.

Smog is a bitch to fix/work on.

With dead tags, it's not as easy as have car inspected, new sticker and roll. You will have to pay extra for tax and tags, and the car will probably be more thoroughly inspected.


Nor-Cal Stang
as far as the smog work, it needs a smog pump i talked to the guy. Other than that car's supposedly fine. For what I'm offering it's a steal though. All the other minor issues can be worked out.