94-04 V6 How To's

A little list of how to's that I compiled.

GT take-off dual exhuast
Installing a GT-takeoff dual exhaust system on a 99+ Mustang V6

Cutting V6 bumper for dual exhaust
How to cut dual exhaust openings in a 1999-2004 Mustang V6 bumper

Short Throw Shifter intstall

Installing rear sway bar on a 98-04 V6 mustang
Installing a Rear Sway Bar on a '98-03 Mustang V6

DIY PCV filter. This keeps oil from coating the inside of your intake manifolds. All vehicles will benefit from this, not just the years listed.
99-00 3.8L Mustang Driver's Side Valve Cover Fix

Installing an 8.8 axle in place of your 7.5 axle (94-04)
Part 1 8.8" Rear Axle
Part 2 http://www.miracerros.com/mustang/axle_tsb.pdf

Installing a 7.5 Limited Slip Differential (No longer available from Ford. Can be had from Rangers, used FRPP units, and Auburn has one available in their excellent LSD's.)
Trak-Lok Differential

Installing Rear Lower Control Arms
Rear Lower Control Arms

Installing ASP UDP
Install ASP Underdrive Pulley on a 99-02 V6 Mustang

Installing sound deadening, for you folks that fancy comfort over speed
Sound Deadening a Convertible

New Edge Brake Light Mod
Mustang Six Brake Light Conversion

Installing Front Sway Bar End Links & Bushings
Front Sway Bar End Links & Bushings

Installing a Manual Fan Switch
Manual Fan Switch

How to Clean your EGR valve.
How To Clean Your EGR Valve

EGR Delete

Bypassing your PCV

Installing Lontube Headers on your 94-04 V6

Installing H/C/I on a 94-98 3.8
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Ok Hi, My name is Jesse and my husband's name is Mark. My son recently got T boned , in his 1998 3.8 V6 Mustang Convertible SRS. My son 23, his first car. He's fine, of course that's most important. The car, not so much. Besides axle and rear damage and his needing a car sooner We picked up a 1994 V6 3.8 SRS. They seem to look the same .I know very little of cars and Mark knows little of computers, so we are doing this together, so please bear with us, Thanks. What are some of the differences we should expect to encounter when putting the 98 into the 94? EVERYTHING LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME!!