95-96 oem cobra rims


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just snagged a mint set of oem cobra rims 95-96 for 150 bucks and thought i would share it with you guys..
its really gunna set off my cobra clone


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those wheels are nice, they came in 94/95 without the gray inserts and in 96-97 they were gray so those are 96/98 or aftermarket... not that you would care just a cool FYI.


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Well, as long as he doesn't miss badge it's ok. My guess is that he's still in his teens and can't afford Cobra insurance. Hell, i can't afford it and i'm 22 :lol:

actually im 26 and cant afford a cobra period..
plus im actually restomodding a 68 coupe so thats where all my money is going.
but they look good so why not have the looks im not trying to race anyone and to the guy who said clones suck (if i want any lip from you i'll pull it off my zipper)
just cause its a clone doesn't mean ****


I always really liked those wheels on that body style. In general, Ford does a pretty damn good job with wheels.