95 Saleen clone, fully built, SSM 4.3 turbo....dirt cheap, all or part

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Ok guys and gals, the IRS is wanting some money from me so one of my cars has to go and this one is gonna be it unfortunately. LET ME START BY SAYING THIS CAR IS RUNNING AND DRIVING!!!!!! DRIVE IT ANYWHERE.

I will sell the car complete with everything, the way she sits or i will part it out down to nothing just so long as I can pay off the IRS!

I will post many more photos but this will give you an idea.

1) The car currently has a factory 3.8 bottom end but that is the only stock part on the car. The engine has delk heads fully ported with 8mm stainless valves, stud mounts, guide plates, crane cams 1.6 roller rockers and hardened pushrods, ARP head studs with MLS gaskets with a custom ground cam and ill post specs later. Lower intake is fully ported and filled and custom cut and welded and ported f150 upper intake with new 90mm throttle body flange and 90mm holley throttle body.

2) not installed yet but new in the box, "just need to assemble"
SSM forged Wiseco pistons .35
brand new "oldstock" Ford 4.2 crank.....not chinese crap
Scat H beam rods
spare 95 SC block

3) 8.8 rear just installed with motorsport 3:55 gears, Granatelli upper and lower control arms and Tokico shocks with Eibach springs

4) Just installed UPR chrome moly tubular k-member, tubular arms with 175lb coil-overs and KYB struts

other parts on the car

weld in subframes
BBK 255lph pump
VMP Slot style meter
SCT3........20+ hours of tuning with Josh Levinson @ Levinson motorsports
all black interior with black leather cobra seats
Aeromotive fpr, modified fuel rails for return style system
stainless fpr lines and -6AN fittings
LS1 dual ultra low profile fans........moves some major air!
BHJ harmonic balancer
custom built, oversized 6 puck clutch and modified pressure plate, good for 700+hp
Screamin Demon coil
10mm Livewires
twin magnaflow stainless 2.5" mufflers with 2.5" stainless tail pipes
3" to twin 2.5" y-pipe
aluminum lower coolant line
aluminum sway bar relocators up front
new timing chain

Body has Viper red paint and looks very good except for a spot on the decklid that needs to be re-sprayed, if you buy the paint i will respray the decklid or do it yourself.

body mods include
Genuine Saleen front bumper
Genuine Saleen rear bumper
molded in Saleen side skirts
Saleen S281 spoiler
Saleen SA10 style wheels, 17x10 rear and 17x9 fronts
Cobra headlights
Smoked clear 98 Saleen style tail lenses
Boss inc Y2K bolt on hood

And the best part is the turbo kit!!!!
Custom made 1 5/8 mandrel bent headers, entire kit tig welded
2.5" collectors and crossover
stainless flex pipe
V-banded crossover and headers
TurboSmart 44mm wastegate................Genuine
Tial QS blow off valve....................Genuine
Custom built Precision 6252 with stage 5 turbine and CEA wheel
V-banded .63 turbine housing
V-banded 3" stainless downpipe
2.5" cold side with bar&plate intercooler
60lb injectors
custom fuel rails

All new A/C system still under warranty and designed to work and fit around the turbo kit
new compressor
new custom bent liquid line
new custom made high pressure line
new 2004 dryer
new evaporator
new heater core

Now I know im forgetting a ton of stuff but there is enough here for you to get the idea and ask away with any questions preferably by PM, there is basically nothing on this car that is stock except for the brakes which are honestly barely adequate. I was gonna add Cobra brakes but never got that far. You can hop in the car and drive it anywhere reliably. I built everything to make 600+hp and will easily do it with the bottom end together. The car is currently de-tuned right at 410hp to keep from destroying the factory lower end and is only pushing 12lbs of boost right now. This car is very quick as it sits but has monstrous potential with the new bottom end.

The only problem with the car mechanically is the need for a new valve guide on #2 cylinder intake, it is making a slight tick. This is a very minor fix and if someone buys the heads i will replace the guide before i ship the heads or you can do it when you install the new bottom end, its a $30.00 repair at any machine shop. The car is still perfectly driveable and not affecting performance in any way.

THE PRICE FOR THE CAR WITH EVERYTHING LISTED AND WHATEVER ELSE I FORGOT TO LIST IS ONLY $6500.00 priced for a very quick sale, I dont want to sell it really but I have a very hefty bill to take care of ASAP if I want to avoid any further penalties and trouble..........I will part it all out and will start pricing stuff out individually over the next day or two as I post more pics. Please dont ask for pics of the heads or cam or things like that because the car is assembled and I cant do that obviously! Feel free to PM me your number and I will call you to discuss whatever you need clarification on. While local pickups would be the easiest for all involved I know its not practical so I will ship parts plus the ride and or assist in any way needed if the entire vehicle is to be shipped.

I am an ebay powerseller under the same name, dutch0001mustang and have sold numerous built vehicles, turbos, superchargers, you name it with never a bad feedback. The car is located in my driveway in Holiday FL which is just outside of Tampa, vehicle and all parts can come and be inspected at any time. Feel free to check me out and of course I accept and prefer paypal but cash in person works too!

Clean title, not a rebuilt, title in hand

As pictured above here is the 4.3 stroker kit, everything in the pics are included and the pistons have been coated from Wiseco. The crank is a real "brand new" ford 4.2 crank which as far as I know is the last one out there. Wrist pins and locks are included as well as ARP rod bolts. Ready to assemble with your choice of bearings and rings and I have a block to include if you pick it up. Otherwise I will ship the kit to your door for $1400.00
Here are some pics of the car, k-member and coil-overs, turbo, motorsport valve covers, pro 5.0 shifter and 2008 shifter knob retapped for shifter, and black leather interior in general.


one- wheel peelin!
this is alot of car for $6k
pretty sweet, not my personal fav year but that's besides the point, still good for the price, wish I was in the market :p
Thank you and I know, i priced the car very low because i need the money and would prefer selling everything quickly versus sitting on everything for awhile to get top dollar. Id rather avoid the penalties ill face for waiting.


one- wheel peelin!
Thank you and I know, i priced the car very low because i need the money and would prefer selling everything quickly versus sitting on everything for awhile to get top dollar. Id rather avoid the penalties ill face for waiting.
damn man yeah the IRS sucks, good luck with the sale, I'd snatch it up if I had the money, I know its got close to, if not more than double that in parts alone
oh yeah, the turbo itself, heads and cam alone are worth what im asking. a TMA kit that is comparable to mine is close to 5K and doesnt keep the a/c or include an entirely new a/c system and custom lines. its making me sick to think that ive invested at least 15,000.00 into this car and countless thousands of hours and several years working on it to get it to this stage. i mean check out my intake, cmon! whatever, i hate to get rid of it when it is so close to done, literally just assembling the bottom end and the car is 100% complete. but its either this one or my coupe, and im not selling my coupe! ever! been in the family for 27 years since it was new, so its not an option.


one- wheel peelin!
where did you get those wheels that are on it now and how much were they?, they're super sweet I'm trying to find some like that but in black
where did you get those wheels that are on it now and how much were they?, they're super sweet I'm trying to find some like that but in black

Thanks. They are my favorite wheel ever and only ever used on the SA10 93 Saleen that was available for public purchase. As far as I know anyway, there may have been others I dont know about. In any case I found an outfit near Sarasota making clone wheels several years back and I got these for roughly 1300.00 plus taxes and tires. Im pretty sure they got sued or something and closed up shop but I drove over and inspected the quality and they were top notch so I bought immediately. Two sets actually, one for each of my stangs and they balanced out perfectly true, I couldnt be happier with them. I know theres another company making some copies now but their cast in China or something and have crap reviews for quality online, I wouldn't buy them in any case. I only ever use the best of parts or none at all. When it comes to wheels you typically wanna stay with a good brand to avoid the bent and cracked wheel problems. They are a royal pain in the ass, I just had pure dumb luck finding these and the outfit that made them. The wheels may actually be one of the hardest things for me to let go actually. After my financial woes are rectified I plan on sourcing and building a 03-04 cobra clone and these wheels would look sick on that car......oh well.
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