95 Saleen clone, Precision turbo, real Saleen parts

I priced this car this low because I dont want to mess around with round and round haggling. The parts list on this car is staggering and im not going to list it all here, just the major stuff. You can see everything thats done when you check out the car in person. The turbo was just rebuilt last week and re-installed yesterday, receipt for the turbo and its warranty comes with car.


This car is very fast and boost comes on hard and fast spooling @ 2500rpm. Currently set @ 15lbs of boost and making 443hp. Turbo is capable of 30+ lbs of boost so you can turn it up to whatever you want. It is set-up perfectly for street use right now and wont get squirly on you if you pay attention. The car retains the a/c which is all new and ice cold, retains the heating system and power steering. All power options work in the car including the power seats.

This car gets attention everywhere I take it and both looks and acts the part. The paint color is Viper Red and its in decent shape but is not perfect, it has some minor imperfections and scratches, I was planning to respray it this summer. The window tint needs to be redone as well as its bubbling up in some areas. I have owned this vehicle since 2006 and I believe I am only the second owner. Clean title in hand. There are two small tears in the drivers side left lower bolster, the rest of the leather in the car is in great condition and the two small rips are a 90.00 repair over at classic auto.

I have three mustangs and just dont have the time for all of them anymore, so this one needs to go as I cant/wont sell my notchback and gave my other to my daughter.

I would consider a trade "partial or full depending on the vehicle"

This car has waaaay more invested than im asking and theres nothing else out there comparable to mine priced anywhere near as low as mine. So dont offer me a crap trade, if I entertain a full value trade it better be worth more than im asking. The cash price is just that-a cash price.

1. QA1 chromoly tubular k-member
2. QA1 chromoly tubular A-arms
3. Granatelli coil-over kit
4. Steeda caster/camber plates
5. Aluminum sway bar relocators-improved handling
6. "Real" Precision 6252 water-cooled, V-Band, CEA wheel turbo, stage 5 turbine
7. "Real" Turbosmart wastegate 38mm
8. "Real" Tial Q blow-off valve
9. Stainless 3" V-Band downpipe
10. Stainless dual Magnaflow 2.5" mufflers
11. Screamin Demon coil and livewires
12. SCT X-Cal 3 and 60+ hours tune time with Levin Motorsports
13. Siemens Deka 60lb injectors
14. SCT blow through slot style meter
15. Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator with -6AN braided lines
16. Custom made intake with remote idle air and -10AN stainless braided lines
17. BBK 255lph fuel pump
18. Modified return style fuel system
19. Rebuilt 2004 3.9 engine, 9.5:1 compression with split port heads
20. Tremec transmission with hardened gears
21. Enlarged custom made 9 puck kevlar clutch good to 700hp
22. Custom made 2500lb pressure plate, almost a stock pedal feel
23. 8.8 rear-end with 355 gearing, fresh flush and bearings
24. Granatelli tubular upper control arms
25. Chassis Engineering lower control arms
26. Welded square tube subframe connectors
27. Saleen style SC 17x9 & 17x10 staggered wheels
28. Brand new Nitto 555 rear 315 tires
29. Continental front tires
30. Lighted Billet a/c controls
31. Black leather 98 Cobra seats
32. Factory black interior and carpet/no spray painted garbage
33. "Genuine" Saleen S351 body panels
34. SALEEN S281 rear spoiler
35. Aluminum lower coolant line
36. BHJ harmonic balancer
37. 98 Cobra headlights and crystal corners
38. 98 Cystal tail lamps
39. Boss inc Y2K hood

40. Also available but "Sold Seperate" is a brand new Super Six 4.3 liter stroker kit with Scat forged H-beam rods and Wiseco gapless ring forged pistons with wristpins and locks and a brand new Fomoco crank. Stoker kit is available for 1150.00 shipped or 1,000.00 picked up.



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the bradinator
If you get to the point where you would split up the rotating assembly....holla!...But I know you want it all gone at once..
I've got a new 4.2 crank...
If you get to the point where you would split up the rotating assembly....holla!...But I know you want it all gone at once..
I've got a new 4.2 crank...

What do you want, the pistons and rods without the crank? PM me your number and ill call you and we can discuss it.