96 3.8 Mustang & 93 Thunderbird SC parts


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I have a 96-01 Timing Cover/water pump combo that have about 5-6000 miles on them.

I have a 1993 Ford Thunderbird SC complete Swap set up minus the SC radiator for sale. The SC heads have Comp 942 springs with hardend retainers.

I have a set of 1996 Mustang 3.8l Headers for sale

I have a 1996 Mustang engine harness modified for a Thunderbird SC swap.

Here are a few parts I have listed on Ebay
Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe SC underdrive pulleys | eBay
94-04 Mustang 3.8l 1.8 Ratio Roller Rockers Thunderbird SC | eBay



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i know the sell for the Harland roller rockers sold but wanted to know if they would work on a '01 NA 3.8L stock heads? what part number? thanks and good luck