96-98 Windstar swap

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If the original 12 intake bolts are not available from the Windstar, then what?

Stock mustang bolts are too long from what I understand.

Are people using stock mustang intake bolts with a 3/8 G10 phenolic spacer to deal with this issue?

If two 1/4 phenolic spacers are used, do the stick bolts still fit?

Which spacer fits correctly with stock mustang intake bolts?

Is there any place that still makes these spacers for the 3.8?

Are there any links, to clear write-ups where the EGR is kept in use?

If I have a 1999, with the Throttlebody cable extension from VAP auto.
What throttle cable should I use,
2001+ V6?

I know there are many write ups on the Windstar in general.
After much reading, I still have these questions.
Thanks for any and all help.


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I'm right there with you, PM. I recently got a 2000 and discovered the Windstar intake just a few days ago and have been reading up and hunting. The spacer seems to be the biggest question mark. Some say you don't need it. If I could find a place to source the material, I could probably cut it myself... Just saw another old thread elsewhere from a few years ago that said they had a piece of g10 phenolic plastic, I'm still trying to figure out what the hell it is other than a thermal barrier.

I'm just glad I was able to source the IM itself, 96-98 examples in all the usual places like eBay seem to have gone fully dry.

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I have a fabricator creating a CAD file.
G10 is very hard on equipment, and a mess.
Delrin is another option, we are exploring.
The phenolic spacer addresses heat transfer, and lengthens the short runners on the manifold for more low end torque.
Metal is not great choice for that reason.
The spacer is a mod by itself.
It is also a way to address clearance issues.
I have sourced 5 manifolds, some for sale. Some as reserves.
If I am incorrect in any of my statements.
Please give your input fellow V6 owners.


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If all goes well, I'll be picking my mani up from a yard sometime today.

Whereabouts are you located? I may be interested in pooling for a spacer, depends on the cost to a degree... Regardless, I'm kinda torn. If I absolutely needed it for clearance or heatsoak, then fine... but I'm a bit enamored by the short runners tbh. I'll be crafting the majority of the job myself, always been a patient DIYer.

From what I can tell, the biggest clearance issue is the fuel rail, which apparently can be finessed. Others had mixed results with relocating and/or modifying components underhood, but it looks like it has a lot to do with individual designs/choices/deletes. There's a wide spread of successful swaps that did or didn't use a spacer here or there, or relocated this but not those, and vice versa, and block off plates being made at a machine shop vs. someone else using plexi! I think this will be one that I'll take a step at a time and knock out all the things that can be done before the actual transplant.

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I'm in Albuquerque, NM.
I agree.
There are many successful paths with this swap, many dependant on personal choices.
There isn't one place that addresses all the variance for everyone to plot a course.
I've scoured the forums.
I'll will update with prices for fabrication.
It will be cheaper after the CAD file is created.