97 v6 swap with 00 donor


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I purchased a pair of Mustangs a 97 with 60k no engine but perfect body, and a 00 that is totaled with solid running gear. Here is my question, the swap will entail the 97 car to become a split-port/5 speed swap (now a auto). I understand the fuel rail will need to be modded. My question is can i move the ecu over from the 00? I've done the 94-95 swap and know the ecu's do not swap over from 96+. I have looked over the key from the 00 and do not see the pats spot/notch.


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IMHO, the best answer would be to keep the 97 PCM with the 97 car, and modify the tune to switch to a manual T-5 transmission which involves 3 system switch changes from 1s to 0s.


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Yeah. I have a 94 body with 97 engine/trans and stuff* I paid for this .. a 97 ecu has the alarm going off.. 2 will a 04 ecu work on a 97 trans?
But now you say a SCT something will reprogram my 94 ECU up to a 97 spec? I’ve taken my car to plenty of places and none of them except ford could help. And ford wouldn’t even up the spectacle to 97 like my transmission is begging for.