99 Cobra Gauge Cluster (PLEASE READ)


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I have a gauge cluster from a 99 cobra for sale with ~100xxx miles. I bought it last summer intending to put in into my 2003 V6 mustang, and bought a 99 because I liked the bluish backlit gauges.

When I tried to install it, it caused my battery to die, because it shorted my defrost switch circuit (the 99 was set up for a defrost switch next to the cluster, rather than the 01-04 double din under the radio setup. After looking at the work involved to make the 99 internals work, I opted to buy an 01 cluster and switch the face plate.

This means that this cluster is set up for a 99 (defrost switch wiring, etc.) HOWEVER IT HAS AN 01 FACEPLATE(the numbers light up greenish)

If you are simply using it to replace a broken/malfunctioning 99 cluster, you can easily swap the faces. If you are using it in a cluster swap keep this in mind. The letters ARE NOT blue, but more of a green, as it has an 01 face with the green film. Other than that it is complete working order. I payed almost $200 for each of the two clusters and since I have modified this one I would like to as $150 OBO + shipping.

PM me, or text me at 772 three-two-three 3969 if interested. I can get pictures as well, (I don't have any currently since the part is at home in FL and I am at work in IN)

This would be perfect to swap in to a V6!