'99 Mustang Split Port 3.8 Parts


My fellow V6'ers.

I have some parts since I'm working on my engine swap.

'99 lower/upper split port intake - all sensors in tact - from running vehicle - has temp sensor in intake - no IMRC.

'99 Fuel rail + injectors. Bodies are cracked but did not leak. Single port spray pattern.

'99 Crank & cam sensor, working

'99 air bypass valve - for california emissions

'99 Coil pack + Wires (I have an '02, don't need this set)

'99 EGR valve, working

2002 V6 3.8 block + heads 250K ran fine when pulled. FREE if you come pickup in PNW

This is all stuff I need to get rid of so make any reasonable offer


The lower/upper split port intake - do you know if this will this work in a 2001? I'm pretty sure they're all the same from 99-04 but want to make sure. Googling now


The '99 has the temp sensor by the thermostat housing in the intake. My 02 does not. Unsure if you can change this. Do you have intake manifold runner controls? These manifolds do not. I also have the complete engine harness for the '99