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A  "vs" thread

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions & Announcements' started by Green_Demon, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. Green_Demon

    Green_Demon Guest

    I think it would be pretty neat to have a thread that was just about the possible out come of car VS car. I like to look around and see what my stang can and can not compete with. Please consider it...I think itll get a lot of hits.
  2. Sean

    Sean Guest

    theres a lot of them in the race forum.
  3. Green_Demon

    Green_Demon Guest

    Yes, therefore they should have their own thread so it will be easier to navigate and funner to use.
  4. No way making a forum for that would be a waste of time.  People can post them in the race stories or in polls.
  5. CrimZon

    CrimZon Guest

    Yeah, I say race stories.
  6. extremestang

    extremestang Guest

    A section on comparisons would be good. Like what cars are simalar from the factory floor. I might write up a list of cars and ask sean to put it up in the articles section, so you guys can have the numbers on hand. Just dont be disappointed when you find a car that sucks thats close to comparable with our mustangs. :eek:

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