A quick exhaust clip


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Just got my 2014 v6 tinted how does she look open to other mod I live in ftw tx


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Love the sound I want that what do I need
Thank you!

I can't really tell you how to have a similar sound with your engine. Mine is the older Essex and is very modified. I'd hesitate to modify your car to this degree. I maybe crank 350 whp. You can easily exceed this for less investment and retain excellent drivability.


That reminds me if this one time (not at band camp). I was sitting at a light when a late model GTO pulls up with this wicked cam. You know where the lift and duration are so drastic you think it is going to die. What I remembered the most was it was this lady driving and she had a kid in the back seat. I took off as slow as possible to allow her to take off in front of me. It sounded incredible.