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A Solution?

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions & Announcements' started by extremestang, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. extremestang

    extremestang Guest

    Just a thought Sean, but i think the old board was better. Theres to much floating around all over the place. Put all the tech questions in one area. That should cover: Engine, Transmission, interoir, exterior, suspension, ect.

    I will e-mail you some ideas that i have that i think you may like. Take it easy Sean
  2. Adam

    Adam Guest

    I kind of do too, it kind of seemed like when it was that board everyone was more closer. just a thought.
  3. I think the board was better before with the general and technical board.  We could get them working just a matter of the moderators making sure that things are where they belong.
  4. Hell_Razor

    Hell_Razor Guest

    gotta agree here...too many boards
  5. Shogunstang

    Shogunstang Guest

  6. CrimZon

    CrimZon Guest

    I kinda like it like this too.

    I think it will be easier to navigate when there are more users.
  7. slvrstrk

    slvrstrk Guest

    I am kind of between...I think some of the boards like race stories and polls can be gotten rid of and lumped under off topic and mustang talk.  They dont get that many posts anyway.
  8. I think race stories and polls should stay there.
  9. CrimZon

    CrimZon Guest

    So do I.  Keep em..
  10. slvrstrk

    slvrstrk Guest

    race stories is ok...but people post stuff in polls because it is there...not because they have actual polls...I mean come on have you seen the polls in there
  11. CrimZon

    CrimZon Guest

    I agree with slvr on that one.  I think people use polls to raise thier posts...
  12. TvoR

    TvoR Guest

    I agree that polls are usually about dumb stuff,but it gets everyone talking about something other than their car.(which is cool once and awhile)Kinda makes you feel like you know people a little better.I like the site the way it is now.