Abbreviations, Phrases, and Definitions

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Typical abbreviations and phrases used in the Bolt Ons section:

A/F - Air / Fuel Ratio

ASP - A maker of Underdrive pullies

BBK - A performance company

Butterfly Valve - The throttle body control plate

CAI - Cold Air Induction

CARB # - A serial number that proves compliance with the California Air Resources Board emission regulations.

CAT - Short for Catalytic Converter

CEL - Check Engine Light

Chip - Reference to the Computer chip that controls the operation of the vehicle.

Crossover - Any type of mid-pipe which connects the pipes coming from the cats.

DC - Densecharger (AKA Tunable induction)

Donut - Exhaust flange gasket

Drone - A low frequency sound that usually occurs at a specific RPM while the engine is under load

Dumps - An exhaust setup which does not include cats, mufflers, or any pipes after the headers

EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Exhaust Flange - A coupler used to connect exhaust system components; usually found on headers-to-midpipe and midpipe-to-catback connections

FIPK - Fuel Injection Performance Kit (Developed by K&N)

Flows - Usually short for Flowmasters

H - A type of exhaust crossover pipe in the shape of an "H"

H/C/I - Short for Heads, Cam and Induction

Harmonic Balancer - Connected to the crankcase to reduce torsional vibration. Separate from 94-98 V6 crank pulley / integrated on 99-04 V6 crank pulley.

High-Flows - Usually meaning High Flow Catalytic Converters.

IAC - Idle Air Control

IAT - Incoming Air Temperature sensor

ID - Inside Diameter

LT - Long Tube Headers

Lower - Lower induction manifold

MAC - A performance company

MAF - Mass Air Flow sensor

Mandrel Bend - A bend in which the diameter of the pipe stays the same throughout

MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp

O/R - Off-Road. Typically used in reference to Off Road Exhaust pieces which are not street-legal

OD - Outside Diameter

ODP - Overdrive Pulley

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

P/P - Port and Polish

P/S - Power Steering

PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation

Permatex - A maker of various gasket maker materials/silicones.

Plenum - Another way to say intake

Pre-cats - The first pair of catalytic converters on stock mustangs

R/R - Roller Rocker

S/S - Stainless Steel

Secondary cats - The second pair of Catalitic Converters on stock Mustangs. Also referred to as post-cats.

Shorties - Short tube headers

Single Port - Refers to 94-98 V6 Mustangs

Sniffer - Refers to Emissions testing

Snorkel - The stock air box silencer

Split Port - Refers to 99-04 V6 Mustangs

Take-offs - Stock exhaust taken off another car, usually a Mustang GT

TB - Throttle Body

- Exhaust piping turned downward directly after mufflers with no tailpipes

UDP - Underdrive Pulley

Upper - Upper induction manifold

Vert - Convertible

WOT - Wide Open Throttle

Y - A type of exhaust mid-pipe, joining two pipes into one pipe, a second "y" can be used to split the pipes for a "fake"-dual exhaust setup.

X - A type of exhaust crossover pipe in the shape of an "X"


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