About the Mustang v6 2002 modifications


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Hey guys, I'm new here! Canadian Mustang! Very happy to join your forum.

I have a 2002 Ford Mustang v6 manual (Paint E9) for 2 years now. I enjoy this car so much! For the last 2 years, I've been working on it. I did add some red leds on carpet floor and front shell (where the mustang horse is), changing front brakes, basic thing like that. Dual Magnaflow exhaust with cold air intake have been added.

But, like many of you as well, we enjoy our rides and we want it to be the best experience ever. I've been looking at many many sites on internet, and videos, to find ideas that I can put on the Mustang.

So, my real question is what parts, on any other car that exist, that can be switched, or converted without much modifications, on our Mustang? The Ford Winstar intake is popular, but i think it will remove the cruise control (right?). Is there anything that i can take from another car (we have a Kenny u-pull here). Shock Absorber? Mags?

And from the other Mustangs?

I'm not looking to add power. If so, then I'll take it for sure, but I'm more into a sweet ride, confortable, and good looking/keeping it clean.

I'll be adding pictures and stuff soon when winter will be gone...

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Based on the year of your car, the rubber grommets on the front and rear suspension are probably worn out. So, start with poly front sway bar bushings which will help with frame twist going around corners. Second, would purchase weld on sub-frame connectors from Steeda which have been on my car for 10+ years with no issues. Steeda Fox Body SN95 Ford Mustang Full Subframe Connectors - Bare Weld In Low Flex (1979-2004), 555 5245 - Free Shipping - Steeda Autosports Any muffler shop can weld them in place. And, they come with Torque box support braces which really help the flemzy Mustang torque boxes. I am routinely putting down 400 to the wheels with very wide tires and have not tore up the torque boxes yet. And, any good muffler shop can weld those in as well at the same time. These two cheap mods will change the driving performance of your car significantly. Frame twist will be significantly reduces.

As time and $$ allow, the next upgrade would be 4-bolt caster plates for the front along with Support springs again from Steeda which lowers the car about 1 1/2 inches and not only changes the looks but also better cornering which makes the car feel tighter and stick to the road. Lowering the car will also require a bump steer kit in my opinion which lowers the steering rods level with the pavement and improves steering and straight line tracking.

After that, would go with steel upper and lower rear control arms plus a rear GT sway bar. Stick with rubber upper control arm bushings, but poly lower control arm bushings.

All of these mods can be done in your driveway except for the welding and most likely by yourself. BTW, if you get the lower sport springs, you will need new alignment numbers which I can provide.


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if performance and sound (as in exhaust) are not on the radar screen, then 6 shooter is right on target. all I would add is you can also do poly front sway bar end link bushings and if you want you can go bigger on the front sway bar from a Cobra mustang. of course, wheels and tires will make not only a improvement in handling, but in looks. next to make things better and safer, go with cobra front brakes. bolt in. as to the shocks, depends on what kind of money you want to spend. kyb is ok for normal street driving, Koni STR T are a great budget shock and Bilsteins are the best imo.