Alast! My time has come! Engine swaparooski.

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Lol ive watched them all like 5 times! im obsessed with formula 1 engineering i think its so awesome.. if i can incorporate a third of wat they do into a street car i can retire with honor lol i will consider it a life achievement to say the least..


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Oooohhhh yyyeeeaaaa...
The stang is moooovin!!!
Wooo hoooo
Kick the tires and Light the fires! Yeah!
I donno wat that means but it sounds cool! and im pumped!! haha

3 months ago i couldent tell you i could be here today ..looking back at it i dont even know how we did it

....And im nobody really* just a guy with a vision and a strong drive... the ability to do google searches effectively and the capacity to formulate a plan and stick to it no matter wat road blocks and speed bumps might be in the way. patience longlasting through the storms and keeping the course eventually u see it through..

No shop no garage no fancy tools no amenities really just some lights some fans some jackstands the cherry picker and some basic tools... the house has to look decent so throughout the week the cars looked normal only on a saturday afternoon did the cars go up on stands hoods came off tent set up the workstation was created.. on sunday night sometimes monday morning the workstation was broken down the cars back on the wheels until the next weekend to repeat the procedure again...

The "vacuum leak" turned out to be a bad connection at the plug for the maf..

The coolant sensor is still not opetational
We didnt get alot done to be honest i just wanted to celebrate lol
So coolant guage is priority #1 im gonna check for voltage at the plug at the sensor im questioning whether the fact that i didnt change engine hanesses going from a 2000 to a 2002 maybe the pin layout is different on the main bcm harness to engine harness plug.. anyway should be quick enough...

Just happy i tamed the beast...
I feel like at first it was like a wild animal bucking and snorting fighting its new enviorment and i had to come in and help it adjust and acclimate and get it to calm down and trust me enough to let me ride it.. lol

I ran out some gears though and shes feelin really solid so the turbo build is definetly the next step

Im not gonna lie im itching for my exterior set up again like i had on the black car... gonna be tough not to stay true to my name and rice it out first...

Must rice!
SPDRICER over n out
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Ok wow new huge update!
If the fun hasn't started already, it's starting now! Lol ok sooo....

As u know i have swapped a 2000 3.8 with a manual transmission into a 2002 3.8 automatic chassis

Despite the year difference all this has been was a process of unbolting the part taking it out and bolting it back into the other car correctly and without damaging it...

EXCEPT FOR ONE THING!! Haha alert! Alert!


the genius's at ford (and they really are im sure ill learn later why this was an upgrade/improvement some how over the previous design(so far i dont see it))changed the engine temperature monitoring system from a coolant temperature sensor that sits by the thermostat to a cylinder head temperature sensor that sits behind the head by the passenger side fire wall (between heater core and the brake booster) from wat i gather from this discovery im left with a couple options...

Before i tell u my options i need to tell u that i kept the engine harness on the engine. Therefore not only did i swap engines but the engine harness as well

Option number one. Keep the engine harness pull out the pin on the engine side of the plug and replace it to match the chassis side of the plug (to keep the chassis original)

This leads me to two problems

One is signal going to be the same

Two am i gonna fry something like my ecu wen i turn the key (i will cry) lol

Ohh btw it wasent the maf after all come to find out by luck (thank u jesus)
I broke the plug on cylinder bank 3 if i recall correctly the one closest to the brake booster
So that injector wasent firing so now the car is running perfect finally! Except for this new dewsey but ima get it though ..i have too not only do i really need the temperature guage for obvious reasons especially since im flushing the coolant system i could have done something stupid like left air or w.e... but im afraid also that its sending too much fuel wen its hot or not enough at start up or running in a sort of limp mode altogether without the temperature signal to fine tune off of...

My other options are to change everything.. complete harness ecu ignition and door locks but thats a mission and a half....

Or change just the engine harness and the coil pack (the plug on the coil pack to the engine harness on a 02' is different to the 00' and flipped over)then just jump wat is now a cht plug (or wires if i strip it) and go around and connect it to the coolant temperature sensor therefore this will eliminate if a pin is being shared at the plug somehow and pin point it only to the coolant system area of the harness... this brings a new problem however! Lol wat a mouthful! My fingers hurt lol the new problem is now that im swapping the engine harness is also a transmission harness as well so now i will hav all these plugs i wont be using and mayb missing the plug i need for the manual

So i donno wat to do this is kinda above my pay grade im really just a grunt at this point but im working my way up quickly no doubt...
I have a week to think about it...
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Added the CHT sensor and tapped into the 104 pin harness when upgrading to a 2004 PCM a few years ago. Can advise how to next Monday.


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Oh ok so instead of making the coolant sensor work i should just add a cht sensor and splice into this harness thats really good that could definently work for me as well thank you so much! Ill just borrow it from the other one.. free and available sweet! So ima get as far as i can at installing the cht sensor put i can tell this might be a major pain in the arse considering were its located might get the windstar and do this at the same time.. though im off today maybe check some junkyards... for that special little minivan that ford loved so much..

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Yes. Keep the ECT sensor along with its connection to the PCM 104-pin connector. Purchase a CHT sensor which will have 2 wires attached. Purchase or use 2 different colors of wires of 16 gauge or maybe 14 gauge. Solder and double heat shrink one color to the center wire of the CHT and the other color to the outer wire on the CHT. Make sure you now have 7 feet of wire attached to the CHT. The CHT will be screwed into the driver's side cylinder head in the rear next to the firewall. Raise car and determine if you can screw in that CHT from the bottom up. IF NO ROOM, you will have to pull the upper intake in order to get enough room to screw it in from the top side down.

IMHO, it is way too hard to exchange and install a used later model harness through the firewall on the passenger side. To get enough room, you would have to pull the dash which is beyoud a PITA.

So first, get the CHT installed with the wires hung along the firewall heading to the passenger side. Send a PM with your mailing address and will send you a pin that will be inserted into the 104-pin harness at the correct location once the center wire to the CHT is soldered or crimped. The CHT has two wires, one of which is the signal wire. The other is the signal return (think ground). Make damn sure you know which wire color is which.


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So even though im not actually wrenching on the stang during the week im doing as much research as i can...
Saving screenshots bookmarking threads just about anything i can think of to be prepared so for wen saturday comes (sabado in miami lol) i can continue all the way through the project with minimum hold ups and side tracks...

For the life of me i just cannot find online what i coulda sworn i saw on my engine of what i think is the cht sensor...
There was one plug leaving the harness, positioned directly behind the intake manifold going straight down into this black box the size of about three inches and it was more on the passenger side..
and im pretty sure thats the only plug near this area...
But all the descriptions and pictures online show a plug alone sitting on top of the sensor and no box..

Anyway last week i was more in the dark about this topic then i am now so hopefully now that i know more of what im looking at, and what im looking for... im probably looking at something else..

Wireing it correctly is a whole other hurtle im excited to get too..

It says its important to buy a new cht sensor to not reuse the old one planning on reusing the old one... i guess ill just try it out and see if i notice anything off...maybe do some tests and compare actual temperature with wat i got on the dash and see if its all good...

Also im worried that the 2000 block wont have the provisions (threaded hole) to install the cht sensor that a 2002 block might only hav..
If thats the case then what? I dont feel comfortable drilling the head/block i hope that is not the solution... i know theres the little cht sensors that go on the spark plug that i just happened by coincidence brang up before...
And then there is of course how can i tell which is negative and positive.. i assume positive will have a higher reading on the volt meter...
Hopefully after all this ill be a pro not just your average joe
2 more days to get it all figured out...
Almost in the positive again ready to buy more turbo components :coolface:
Must ..have ...boost...
Must ....fight urge to rice first! Lol
- > #internalbattles
Almost there! ..Exponential Excitedness to the 2nd power:doh::facepalm:
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Active Member i took off the intake manifold on the donor car and quickly realized that what i thought was the cht sensor was not it its much lower in relation of the firewall then i expected under the brake booster basically connected to the transmission part of the harness...
Anyway i said i was gonna reuse it but i broke it putting it in the other engine. Its very brittle.. going to get a new sensor today at the parts store and try to keep up the momentum


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Ok so.. i just got off the phone with tom of tom morona racing... he has a intake spacer that i needed to clear the fuel rails but it only fits the stock intake...
I bought it but im not sure wat im gonna end up doing with it...
Truth be told im actually much more prepared to run the stock intake with a spacer than a windstar intake because my whole original idea was to have hot side on the right cold side on the left..
If i put the windstar im tempted to use hood pins and cut out the hood latch and run over the top and around the front of the radiator because i refuse to put my intake exactly above the upper radiator hose... in my mind thats just plain dumb... atleast here in miami were the climate is always blistering hot...
Mayb up north the radiator hose will allow the intake temperature to be consistent i know my old vw jetta 2006 was designed that way... if this was a trailored drag car then that too will be ok but for stop n go miami traffic.. no way... soo thats on the drawing board...

For whatever reason nobody behind the parts counter can find my cht sensor all the have are ect sensors... i found one at O'Riley autoparts and payed to hav it delivered to my house so that put a dent in the schedule
Have to adjust the clutch a little
And i still hav not been able to source a pin layout diagram for the 2002 ecu plug i only found a 2000 plug diagram that showed the engine temperature sensor is on pin #38... so that means nothing to me really because i need to know exactly wat it is on the 2002 ecu plug not the 2000..

But i did find the sensor and it will go in the 2000 head/block so all thats left now is to install sensor run wires through fire wall splice into the pin/wires designated for temperature sensor data..

Just need the sensor (on the way)
And the location of engine temp pin in main ecu plug (maybe 6shooter will chime in) (google) (find another 2002 v6 connect one side of voltmeter to cht sensor plug on the engine and then touch the other lead from the volmeter to each pin one at a time until continuity (a complete circuit) is established and that is my pin...
Only concerns im loosing sleep over is how do i determine forsure which is signal (power) and which is return (ground)
...just want to say thank you here on the board to 6shooter hes been helping me alot with clearing this hurtle thank you again 6shooter...

Tom at morona racing was really tring to sell me a a dual inlet throttle body but i agree with jtstang that the engine will choke way before the throttle body so maybe after a port and polish or high flow heads.. at this point though its not practical i have much more things i actually need to buy first...
Anyway this is starting to sound like material for my turbo thread really but since its mostly speculational type of stuff ill just throw it out there over here..
...until next weekend..


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Check email.
I did man thank you it was exactly the information that i needed plus some i cant thank you enough for how youve been helping me you have truely been a huge asset to this build i hope to give you all the credit that you deserve

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There really isn't anything wrong with the usual windstar routing above the upper radiator hose. The hose isn't as bad a radiant heat source as tubing would be. Nor is going over the radiator much better, particularly for your purposes.


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There really isn't anything wrong with the usual windstar routing above the upper radiator hose. The hose isn't as bad a radiant heat source as tubing would be. Nor is going over the radiator much better, particularly for your purposes.

I definently know what you mean about going over the radiator not being much better... and how the radiator hose dosent radiate as much heat as i would think..
Im assuming by "my purposes" your reffering to the fact that im not making crazy power?
Anyway i appreciate the input nonetheless
I just wanted to have the intake charge as cool as possible to run e85 alone
..then later if i want to run water meth injection like u (bawse) lol
It would be because i want too not because i hav too to make up for a premature engineering fault...

I mean.. who needs hood latches anyway lol jp really not really lol
Im so far removed from a level of reinventing the wheel i know...

I just have these day dreams these visions these beautiful images in my head!. of a refreshingly clean, emaculately prepared, obviously custom made! white mustang sporting a shiny chrome intake snaking by an open front grill over the radiator with a heat shield in between and windshield wiper spray nozzles douching windex all over the intake piping and the intercooler lol

Anyway all jokes aside i have a huge intake spacer and 2 new gaskets that only work with the stock intake soo.. the windstar intake just became a fancy paperweight!

Ill figure it all out later ill just use the stock intake with the spacer 4 now
Atleast until i find a spacer that will fit the windstar intake...

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By purposes I meant it would be incredibly difficult to make a tube pass over the radiator and stay under the hood. Note that corvettes and other cars have a molded inlet with a complex profile to make that work.


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Ughhh... i bought a sausage mcgriddle saturday morning at the new mcdonalds on 74 st nw 107 av that gave me horrible food poisoning i felt it comming on slowly as i was operating the crane finally i hung out the cab and threw everything up... i managed to get the crane back to the yard.. i stumbled into my mercedes managed to make it home then proceeded to throw up about 15 times into the night.

So now its sunday morning i feel better the weather is looking pretty crappy...

Im going to push forward regardless...


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YEA!! temperature guage is working car is out of limp mode feeling really good!

Cant wait to start doing turbo stuff now...

First order of buisiness is to move the battery to the trunk and do some light wire tucking..

Fitting the intercooler is looking like something i will do soon too..

There is a bogging out sorta thing happening now that the temperature guage is working wen i put it under any kinda hard load... but i ghetto rigged the fuel line with some copper barbed little male adapters that i shoved in the rubber hose cause i couldent get the hose disconnect tool to work and i got impatient lol it was the only thing left to take the engine out!..
Any way so it was cool until now wen i really go to run it hard so ill just buy the oem fuel line and figure out the tool correctly
See if that fixes it

..also i put the cold air intake from the 2000 and it was missing a plug i wanted to test drive it with the temp guage working so that could be an issue ill put the stock intake back in to check on that aswell...

Almost ready... its the journey not the destination
Im loving it really. not having something to work on on the weekends wen im done is gonna be depressing i think...

Any way until next weekend

Ohh yea took off the golden stickers on the side looks cleaner now i think so..

Speed + rice + that cool guy from that cartoon speed racer = spdricer........................... ... .:fuuu:


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Hi world its me again A for effort! And consistency!
Any way still trying to get the coolant guage to work reliably it keeps taking a crap while im driving freaking out the computer..

Not sure where to go from here with this...