American Horror Story *Spoilers Inside*


Like I give a ****
Anybody catch this new show on FX?

I only got to watch the last half of the pilot episode, but I think it will definitely be one of my new favorites. ****ing dead people, man. . .




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I watched the first episode, didn't really like it.

I did wanna **** the "young" maid though.


Go Slow
Are You Afraid of the Dark is the best there ever was, the best there is and the best there ever will be.


Just call me mike.
Just watched the first one. Pretty good, little creepy. I kept wanting them to ****ing talk to each other about the weird **** they saw and they never did, its awkward like the office at times.


Like I give a ****
Watched the second episode. The storyline was meh, but it was still ****ed up enough to keep me wanting to know more.


Like I give a ****
Here's the basic preface to the story:

Father is a Psychiatrist. He cheated on his wife with one of his patients. The wife had a miscarriage and is having trouble dealing with it. They are obviously having marital trouble as a result.
Their teenage daughter is a cutter (she cuts herself). She is an interesting character and slightly morbid as well.
They moved from Boston to this house in LA and there have been multiple murders committed in this house over the years.
Ghosts, man.


The Coors Knight
Anyone been watching this show on FX? It's pretty damn good... only been on like 3 weeks now, but I'm a fan. It's creepy, keeps you on your toes, acting is actually pretty good, and seems to have good writing. If you haven't checked it out, I recommend it. It's on at 10ET wednesdays on fx.