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An idea to help people who buy/sell...

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions & Announcements' started by Hell_Razor, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. Hell_Razor

    Hell_Razor Guest

    Maybe there could be a little thumbs up or down icon next to someones name if they have bought or sold something in the "For Sale" section. Like if they are trustworhty and send the item/money then whoever bought/sold the item can give them a thumbs up, but if they did not then they get a thumbs down, and you wouldnt need to accumulate a lot of thumbs, it could just go by your most recent buy/sell....what do you guys think?
  2. CrimZon

    CrimZon Guest

    hehe sounds like ebay.  I think would be REALLY hard with yabb..  Great Idea though...

    But Im not the SA...

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  3. extremestang

    extremestang Guest

    Sounds good, but if someone rakes somebody, just let the people know in a thread. That way it will get around and we can all go hang thier nuts from a tree and shoot at them.8)
  4. CrimZon

    CrimZon Guest

  5. Hell_Razor

    Hell_Razor Guest

    ...well if I havent received something I bought from someone by next Tuesday then Ill have a thread for you guys because it will have been a month
  6. cobramadness

    cobramadness Guest