Annddd.... this is why I hate people (RIP Budget Fighter) --> Modfox Buildup


3.8's Other Indian™
damn, your little camera takes some pretty nice pics.
Thanks homie, same(ish) sensor as the d7000 :datass:

Still getting a feel for it - that one is a manual Rokkor-X 28mm 2.8 from the 70's. Plus it fits in my coat pocket and no one notices when I take pics with it, which is awesome for street photography.

Windows were tinted awhile back too - got most of the rust sorted out and I think I might leave it primered for a bit (just for fun :p)

Kit lens is pretty average...


3.8's Other Indian™
Probably going to just plasti-dip it until I have time/motivation to get a nicer paint job.

Better than a $300 Maaco job because I dont have to sand it all off later :lol:

Maybe this color:

Or maybe olive drab - havent decided yet.


3.8's Other Indian™
I have to look it every day when I come home which sucks :lol:

And its gonna rain today/tomorrow - hopefully this weekend wont be such terrible weather.