Any interest in a procharger(94-04)


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I don't know if I want to mount it on my pile of crap 98 (body is damage a bit) and way too much money on the split port swap and getting parts to it (needs a valve job). And the swap would take a while since my pile is my DD. So I might not do this split port swap with a procharger.

Procharger Kit:

Procharger P1SC at 7 psi
all pipings
whatever MAF that came with it. It would be wise to upgrade to the HPX Slot style MAF.
Injectors (I think they're 42#)
procharger's 2 stage air-to-air intercooler.

I bought a Focus 310lph fuel pump to go with the procharger and that will be added to the kit too.
This procharger is used but never on my car though.

$1500 plus shipping.
(Low post count members 50 or less, I will add to the cost like a deposit).


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couple of quick questions,

How much for shipping to 03054 (Merrimack, NH)

and I dont need the fuel pump, lower price without it ?


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As much as I want to say yes, I shouldn't right now.(Mustang is currently in the body shop, and the total $$ is slowly rising)

Good luck with the sale, free bump!


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Sucks about the body...I know how you feel because I have a dent in the rear quarter panel but I never bothered
fixing it because it would cost $3k :( Plus paint is peeling on my car. One reason why I want another car like a 2011-14
or 2015 GT 5.0.


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it wold be wise to post up some pics of the setup and year model they fit. I have a buddy who might be interested
Look at post number 2. I posted a picture.
Smithy is interested and getting money, if the deal falls through I'll let you know.
If I didn't mention it, it is for 94-04 V6.


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I responded to him on Monday and never got a response.

Money Talks and BS Walks

Hmmm is it worth it for me to install it and get 220 crank hp and 260 tq hp out it?

1500 plus shipping if not.