anyone else have the problem of living in a cow town with NO PLOWS!!!!


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this pic was taken, i'd have to say about 24 hours AFTER the snow STOPPED!

I know juvi has the same problem with plows

The road i'm on when i took that is the only road from my town to Norwich, the only place u might see people around me... lol

The road I live on is one of the only roads to the Casinos (Mohegan Sun, and Foxwoods) and that wasn't even that good. We went to play bingo last night and if you weren't in the middle of the lane you were DEAD.

But anyway just seeing if anyone else has this problem...



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Looks fine to me least, on par with where I'm at.

Kmonie--the problem with this past 'storm' is that during & right after the temps were so friggin low that the road crews used little-to-no salt & mostly/all sand. Had they used salt, it would have melted the snow/ice, but due to the sub-zero temps, that would have frozen almost immediately after it melted. The roads would have looked a lot prettier, but you'd have to break out the hockey skates to go anywhere.

It should melt off today & tomorrow.


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the pic just doesn't do it justice.... seriously 10mph was max, in a volvo TANK with the best snow tires money can buy (Bridgestone Blizzacks)