apex motorsports


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i'm trying to get my car tuned by these guys again...but I can't get a hold of them. Anyone know what's up?


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wow i had no idea that apex is closing down i just had my phb installed their a few months ago.
i would try mustang ranch, they are just down the street pretty much from apex. i dont know if they have a dyno, or can dyno etc.. but i am pretty sure they can reccomend somewhere if they cant do it for u.


I would go and call dynotuning, they are good and the people there are decent. their website is dynotuning.com, join ca-mustangs and I think they give you a discount for being a club member^^


The guys over at A.E.D know their stuff too, join ca-mustangs, and call up drew and let him know your a member. He's a cool guy.