Baby-faced boy Alfie Patten is father at 13


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At least three teens are claiming to be the father of a baby girl born to a 15-year-old, after one of them was reported to be the youngest father in Britain.

Alfie Patten, 13, was first reported to be the father of Chantelle Steadman's week-old daughter Maisie, and didn't doubt he was until now, the U.K.'s Telegraph newspaper reported.

"Now that is in his mind and I'm not happy," his mother Nicola Patten, 43, told the newspaper. "I don't know where they get this from. I mean, that's my son, that's his baby."

Alfie, then 12, and Chantelle routinely were allowed to share a bed, but others, including 14-year-old Tyler Barker and 16-year-old Richard Goodsell, also claim they had sex with the girl.

"I slept with Chantelle in her bed about nine months ago and I'm really worried I could be the father," Barker told The Telegraph.

Max Clifford, a publicist representing Alfie and his family, said they've decided a DNA test is the best way to resolve the paternity issue.

"It is inevitable there are going to be doubts, particularly with the number of boys who've come forward claiming to have had sex with Chantelle," Clifford told the paper.

Chantelle and her family insist Alfie is the only boyfriend she had, and that the other boys are lying, The Telegraph reported.


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