BAMA X4 tuner

07' Mustang

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I've recently decided it's time to just pull the trigger and buy a tuner. So I've already decided what tuner I want, but I'm still a bit iffy about getting it. What all do I need to know before hand? Do's and Don'ts, what to expect, I'm really curious about the whole process, like the revisions and having to use a laptop or computer for it, just generalized information as well.


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Check FB Marketplace, you can get them cheaper. Also, look around, and read
about Bama Tuners, they're not a favorite. I got my InTune1000 on FB for
$100, shipped.

You need a PC to load the tunes, and update the tuner, if needed. You do
not need a PC to tune the car with a tuner.

When you tune your car, it backs up the original program, then writes the
tune and marries the tuner to the car. Going back to stock programming
will unmarry the tuner, then you can sell it...


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I have an Intune also. Cost $400 from; pricey yes but it comes with 2 tunes and free updated tunes for life. If you buy a tuner from some sites you may have to pay for your tune files. Expensive mod but the only mod that really sees gains IMO.