best aftermarket stereo for 2014

Poe Dameron

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I just bought a dashkit for my 2014 V6 Mustang. I did this with a Honda once and it was a nightmare!! Is there a double din head unit that will be straight plug and play for my car. I need GPS. Also, does anyone know if the wiring is already ran for a back up camera?


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I am looking for an Android system myself, and are having a hell of a time
deciding on what to buy... There are no aftermarket direct plug-n-play...
I have a 2008, and they do have some Android units that have the same
button style and look of the Shaker, but they're over $300.

Even though the android unit that has the ford look, you still need all the
harness & antenna adapters and interface module. I am almost on the
verge of just buying another, working, Shaker unit... There are some
very nice Android ones out there, but they're all $250 and up for a good
Octacore unit. I have everything except the antenna adapter... I had one
somewhere, and I can't find it...

I can't find the output wattage of the stock radio itself, BEFORE the amplifier
so I can find a unit that will be the same or higher. I know the Shaker500
is 500 watts, but that's not what the radio is putting out. Like is the head
unit 4 x 45watt, 4 x 50? Can't find it. Can't be much, without the CD
changer unit it in, it's lots of empty space, and one PCboard at the bottom.
Will also need a 1.5K resister on the amp turn on lead...

Poe Dameron

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So, I bought a Kenwoood DDX595. It looks like the center console piece has a lot of wiring for plug and play. Piece is Metra, model 99-5839CH. Its for a 2010-2014 Ford Mustang.
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I got an Eonon Android 7.1 quad core 7" Radio.

Will be here today.


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I have to modify the adapter plate in the install kit. The knob hits the plastic,
and you can't get to the SD and MAP card slots. I may tear my shaker radio
apart, pull the face plate off, and mount this inside it for near perfect fitment.
I can get another shaker 500 unit for $20.00... Will see this weekend how it
goes. My shaker is almost useless anyway, without the cd changer working.


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All done! Can look in my album for some pictures.

RAP doesn't work though, and I have an interface. Probably
didn't even need that $20.00 expense...
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Hi all. New to the forum. I just spent the better part of the day trying to install the metra dash kit for my 4 speaker system. Nightmare. The kit was missing a plug that would control the front speakers and who knows what else. Are there any other solutions to putting in an aftermarket radeo?


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Ok, would that be the same connection for the Metra kit? If the pictures are for the Scosche it may be different. Anyway I sent a message to Metra to ask them as well.Waiting to hear back. The kicker for me is that I like the factory dash on the 2014. I just want to upgrade the stereo. I don't see to many options other than to change the dash appearance.


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IF you have the Shaker 500/1000, then you have THREE connectors.
J4, is the small one, for the Subwoofer, and amp turn-on lead. Place
a 1.5K ohm resister on the amp turn on lead, so it doesn't POP the amp
on and off.

It was cheaper for me to buy a kit with J1 and J4 in it, when J4 alone
was the same price. Some kits will also come with a resister. The Scosche
FD5000 interface does not have J4. Just J1 and J3.

The way the stereo is on the 2010-2015s and up, you are changing the dash
appearance if you did not have the NAV radio. You would need a SINGLE din
to keep the appearance. The reason is, the head unit is still double din, but it
sits behind the bezel, and the open slot is where the CD changer is, then a ribbon
cable connected part for the radio face-plate which is on the back of the bezel:

I had posted more pics, to show you some more stuff, but they won't show
when the message is posted, only when editing or preview. AS soon as I
save changes, they're not there... So, I'm done...


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@Poe Dameron are you happy with your Kenwood? Would you recommend it?

Sorry for being off topic. I'm looking for a good reliable head unit for my car.
I've been looking at reviews and they are all hype. So I'm kinda undecided.

I've been looking at the Kenwood DNX995S. Found this site when I was searching
for the top android head units and got me more on the fence. How complicated is this unit?
I'm no spring chicken. Also how small are those buttons I have big hands?

Any tips are welcomed.