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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by drektek, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. drektek

    drektek Guest

    what are your favorite car chase/scenes in movies? mine are as follows not in any order:

    blues brothers - police chase
    gone in sixty seconds - eleanor chase
    fast and furious - first race with four cars
    BULLITT - the ultimate car chase
    oh, and that movie "the wraith." damn good car movie.
    did i miss any?
    i still havent seen AMERICAN GRAFFITI so i cant say anything about that one
  2. v6vixen

    v6vixen Guest

    The Eleanor Chase Scene from Gone in 60 Seconds.
    The chase scene from The Rock with Nick Cage and Sean Connery.
    And even though its not really a chase scene, I like the part in Die Hard Three when they are driving the taxi through Central Park.  ;D
  3. [glow=red,2,300]BULLITT!!!!!!!!!!![/glow]
  4. HumpZu

    HumpZu Guest

    [quote author=Pamela link=board=Polls&num=1001739132&start=0#1 date=09/29/01 at 01:17:42]
    The Eleanor Chase Scene from Gone in 60 Seconds.
    The chase scene from The Rock with Nick Cage and Sean Connery.
    And even though its not really a chase scene, I like the part in Die Hard Three when they are driving the taxi through Central Park.  ;D

    I love both of those movies! I usually watch them ever so often;  I have both.  
  5. fr0ng

    fr0ng Guest

    Oh my god. How could you possibly forget about Ronin. That movie owned.
  6. Stang98Matt

    Stang98Matt Guest

    GT500 chase for sure
  7. PastaHead1

    PastaHead1 Guest

    The car chase at the end of the Blues Brothers is a classic

    Smokey and the Bandit movies are pretty funny too
  8. drektek

    drektek Guest

    i totally forgot about the ronin scene. that was definitely one of the best.
    i know this wasnt in a movie, but i think the OJ chase was pretty funny.
    also, all those "worlds wildest police chases" shows. i get a rush from seeing those. except for the whole car crashing and flipping over twenty times then getting the shoit kicked out of me by a cop. that isnt very appealing to me.
  9. HumpZu

    HumpZu Guest

    LMAO, that was funny. The OJ chase.  Just driving right along, igorning all attempts from the police at normal driving speeds.  Seeing all the many different people standing & stoping there vechiles everywhere, to catch a view of OJ. Holding up signs, cheering him on & seeing all the news copters in the air.

  10. HumpZu

    HumpZu Guest

    We had a wild chase here a few years ago. It was one early morning Sunday morning/ Saturday Night, and it was the end of the school year for some college kids.  There was a huge party, to celebrate the fact.  

    But, I guess a couple of guys had a lil too much to drink and they got a wild hair up there azz & decided to steal a huge earth machine ( inloader ) & take it out for a spin.

    They lead the police on a chase for over 1 hour, going down the main road, cutting in & out of gas stations, nearly missing gas pumps & parked cars. After driving around on on the main road, they decided to really test this sucker out, so they took it in a sub-divison, with homes in the 500,000 price range, the houses that have the huge gates in front, well they decided to start raming those & taking them out, along with some trees and whatever else was in there way.  

    There wasnt much the police could do & they wernt stupid enuff to even get close to it, cuz they knew that if they were in its way, there going to be toast. So, they just followed & kept there distance hoping the machine would eventually run out of gas, but not before that would happen, they atempted to go straight threw a house, they would ram the front door of a mansion at 3:00 am, theyd just back up and keep raming it until they were inside the house.  LMAO

    Talk about a rude awakening?  Thatd scare the crap out of me..

    This actually happend, about 2 miles from my house. It was on one of those wild & crazy police shows on TV, also.
  11. 95Stang

    95Stang Guest

    The Bullit scene is the best I think, then the GI60S GT500, then the scene in Driven with the carts on the street. I liked that.
  12. cobramadness

    cobramadness Guest

    holy crap, i would of loved to see that chase.....  ;D  especially it going into the freakin house, lol...
  13. yinger

    yinger Guest

    without a doubt, it has to be the gt500 in gone in 60 seconds
  14. idontknow

    idontknow Guest

    idontknow if u consider days of thunder a chase but i do bc his goin for number one... gone in 60secs..... the rock .... fast and the forous... and some others...
  15. mikee28

    mikee28 Guest

    no contest at all elinor gone in 60 seconds
  16. stang_ahead

    stang_ahead Guest

    Im glad someone mentioned Ronin...that was a great movie and had good car chases. Thank you fr0ng, I was sitting here trying to remember the name of the movie. I also love Eleanor in 60 Seconds. And I cant argue with the scene in Driven either.