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Best Intake Manifold to Swap Onto Split-Port 3.8 For HP, TQ, and Ability To Handle BOOST

Discussion in '1994-2004 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Juls, Aug 14, 2019 at 9:41 PM.

  1. Juls

    Juls New Member

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    How goes it everyone? Currently, I'm planning to go to the local scrapyard and pull some parts for a few cars. I've also had an intake manifold swap in mind for my 99 V6 Stang for a while since I discovered the Windstar Swap and the results it can yield. Since there are practically a section filled with Windstars AND F150s, a question came across my mind:
    Now, I know the 96-98 Windstar Composite Upper Intake Manifold is the most common swap done, and that there were even kits for it that were sold by a site for some time. However, what about the other intakes available? Essentially what I am looking for here is the pros and cons of each split port Essex V6 Intake Manifold, besides the few things I do know about each that I will state next to each option. What flows better? Is one more durable than the other? Maybe one benefits low end torque more than the other options? And so on any so forth. So without further ado, here are the intakes. Lay those facts and opinions on me, just don't attack me for seeming like a braindead for asking the question when I know what is most commonly done, and don't attack each other either (not saying you will, but the internet has some interesting people).
    Options are listed below, labeled pictures will be attached in case you as a reader are not familiar with the specific intake :)
    IN TERMS OF PLANS FOR THE CAR (I know this important so you can give me proper advice), I DO plan on fully building the motor and going with decently high boost in excess of 18PSI. It will see some street use as well as some occasional strip use.

    Option 1: 97-00 Ford F150/Other Truck's Aluminum Upper Intake Manifold
    I know it is able to be ported which can be beneficial, but of course, being metal, there's good 'ol heatsoak. BUT, does that really matter? Let me know. I am also aware that this one is very tall and will likely require a new hood. But what else is good or bad about this one?

    Option 2: 01-04 F150 Composite/Plastic/Nylon Upper Intake Manifold
    Apparently really tall, which is fine for me.

    Option 3: 96-98 Windstar Composite Upper Intake Manifold

    Option 4: 99-03 (and 03?) Windstar Composite Intake Manifold
    -I do know this one will require the matching lower intake also

    Option 5: 03? Windstar Composite Upper Intake Manifold
    -Saw this on ebay. Is it really specific to the 03 Windstar? I know almost nothing about the vans:/

    Option 6: 05-08 F150, Van, etc Composite Upper Intake Manifold
    Don't know a damn thing about this one chief

    Option 7: Keep my stock intake manifold and get it ported, polished, etc, along with the lower.

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  2. Pete fender

    Pete fender Pete Fender

    Jun 4, 2019
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    Oldsmar, Florida
    The Windstar manifolds are getting old, and that plastic gets brittle over time.
    It's not much more to use the aluminum f-150 4.2 manifold.
    Too much boost can hurt any engine, but the aluminum would seem to be a better choice.
    I have a F-150 manifold from a truck that was broadsided, I might install it this winter, but no boost.
    The do flow better than stock.
    The hardest part is finding a Windstar EGR adapter, as I want to retain the ECR.