Blowout SALE!! Overstock Badges/Airbrush/SSinserts*PICS*


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Hey Everyone,

Well upon a customer via our Live Chat feature on he gave me the idea to go through my entire inventory and anything that has been overstocked to go ahead and find, take pictures of, show to you guys and sell it off. There is no point in me keeping them anymore. We used to do more car shows and use them as display items as we liked to make more than what the customer asked for display purposes. Now it's your time to capitalize on these badges and parts.

We have
Stainless Steel Bumper Inserts. Note: These are not your ordinary 20 gauge SS inserts (I believe they are) that you can bend and manipulate, these are 16 gauge SS inserts...thickest and strongest you will EVER find.

Inventory includes:*Please note, everything is 100% new, never installed!!!

-Black SS Bumper Inserts $95 each
-2 sets of 99-04 "MUSTANG"
-1 set of 96-98 and 01 "COBRA"

-Regular Mirror SS Bumper Inserts $75
-1 set of 96-98 and 01 "COBRA"

-Airbrushed Grille Ponies - All pegs intact! $135 for any
-2005-2009 (maybe 2010-2013..unsure of grille set for them) American Flag CHROME Airbrushed Grille Pony
-1994-2004 Black Skeleton Detailed Airbrushed Grille Pony

Badges of all sorts
-Brushed Aluminum $25 for any
-Milled Billet/Polished $35 for any

If you have any questions about the products, want more pictures, measurements, combined discounted prices, please let us know we are here to help. Take advantage of this overstock while they last. First come first buy! You may have dibs for 24 hrs. Prices INCLUDE USPS 2-3 DAY PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION.

Here we go with the pictures for you guys/gals:

Some pictures of installed products:

2005+ Grille Pony $135:

1994-2004 Grille Pony $135:

96-98 and 01 SS Mirror 16 gauge Inserts:

96-98 and 01 Black SS 16 gauge inserts:

99-04 Black SS 16 gauge bumper inserts:

94-98 "G" and "T" *ONLY* SS mirror letters. Use these in the trunk, bumper, fender, interior, can be creative with them!

Brushed Aluminum yellow. $25 for any you see here. If you see something you like and want more information, pictures, etc please let me know via email
[email protected]

Grouped up for better pictures:

Billet Aluminum Milled and Polished badges $35 for any:

Here you can see the thickness of these Billet emblems:

Questions, comments or concerns you can reply in this thread, BUT I would STRONGLY recommend you email us directly as some forums don't email instantly and it is first come, first purchase on all products.

[email protected]


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I forgot to mention that for the badges, I may have duplicates, 3 or 4 of one design. So if you are interested in a pair, please do ask as well as I may have them.


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All 331 badges are officially sold out

Pair of the "Saleen STYLE" Mustang badges are sold but still have a couple of pairs left

Let me know everyone!


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Just wanted to update everyone once again as we continue to update our site.



This includes:
Grille Ponies
Fender Running Ponies

Plenum Covers

Faux Gas Caps

Radiator Shroud Covers

And anything else you want airbrushed! (ie. valve covers, fuse box covers, panels)

Additionally we are adding interior dress up items as we go for 1994 to 2013 Mustangs!