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jc51119 said:
wow rims and tires for 500 good deal i cant find any thing like that

x2 I only wish i could find that deal, and both of their rims are nice:cool:


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JoyzGreenVert00 said:
Aren't convertibles fun? The day after a big rain it was sunny and warm out, so I cruised around with the top down. You don't even need a body kit to have a cool-looking convertible Mustang! :cool:

True, but it depending on the kit, it helps.

Actually, depending on your location, and if you knew what you were doing, and I stress knew, you could get yourself a urethane front and back bumper for $500, and paint it for $100-$200.

If each piece was $250, and you could actually pick it up yourself (no shipping), and you have someone else mix you a quart of paint ($100-200) depending on if you already had the air compressor, spray gun, mask, sand paper, etc, you would have your paint kit for a little over $600

I dont have custom side skirts, I plan on keeping mine. And to be honest, if it werent for the cobra r, I would have stayed with a stock hood. You dont have to have a full kit, to look nice... someone mentioned, a chin spoiler would look great. Id prefer it painted, but this way you can run around town respectively without paint, and get it done when you have the money


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Dude save up your money I bought a cheap ass Cobra R hood and it has a small crack in it from a pothole. I try not to have close ups of it in pictures. You would be happier saving up for quality and ordering from Cervinis or something. Good luck man.