Bushing for 31.9MM Diameter Sway Bar


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My sway-bar measures 31.9mm in diameter with a digital caliper. I can't find JUST 32mm bushings
without buying the whole kit; brackets, bolts, and bushings. All I can find are 26, 29, and 34mm
front sway-bar bushings without having to buy all the hardware.

Anyone know where, besides FORD, where I can get the bushings?


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It all worked out in the end anyway...

I found someone locally selling an SR Performance front and rear kit for $100.
ALL HARDWARE included!
SR Performance Mustang Adjustable Front & Rear Sway Bars 47848 (05-10 GT, V6)

I was looking for a rear, found one I would have had to drive 1.5 hours to pick up, with
no brackets or bolts for $60. So, now, I get a new front and rear adjustable kit, for $100.

So, $40.00 for a 23mm front bushing kit, and $30 or so for rear hardware? Well, $20.00
more and I get it all, new, and front adjustable. That also takes me to 35mm up front,
and 22mm solid bar in back.

Pays to wait...