Camshaft Time


Well I've been tossing around the idea for the past six months, and I think it's finally time to make a decision on this.

So first, my car has an 02 3.8L, with an M112 and all other supporting mods. What is everyone's opinion on the best camshaft for this setup; best being defined as what would make the most power now and also possibly be good in a 4.2L swap in the future.

Here's the two I'm looking at now:




Boosted V6
How long before you build a 4.3? BONE STOCK 3.8 with a blower I'd go with a ssm blower cam, 218/224 .550lift will get you well into the 600rwhp range with the right heads and a turbo, Got to be good to atleast 400rwhp with the blower...

Another thing to consider with bigger cams is the rpm they will make peak power at and with a stock motor your limited to 6000rpm, I'd want something that makes good tq down low and peaks around 5800rpm.

btw...I have a comp billet 210/218 .490 112* cam that will work with stock springs I'm going to sale for $200 plus shipping if interested.


Custom Camshaft's R US
I would get somebody (like myself) to custom grind you something for your setup...
Not go with anything off the shelf.
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