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Hey guys I got a 2003 mustang v6. I'm having problems with the DTRL(daytime running lights). I noticed that when I pull the knob my headlights come on, but my dash lights are out. And then I get out of my car and the tail lights are off. If i push the knob back in just a little bit they all come back on but the headlights are just the parking lights. Iv done changed out the switch and the connector to the headlights, changed all the fuses, and made sure the wires were correct. What am I missing?

Pete fender

Pete Fender
It may just be the headlight switch ground.
I'm not aware if any 99-2004 Mustangs having daytime running lights.
Just the running lights and headlights. GT's had fog lights.
Daytime running lights are on anytime the ignition switch is on, if you have them.


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If he's in Canada, it's required. They're usually lower powered hi-beams,
or lo, when there isn't a separate bulb for them. They do not not turn
on if the ER brake is engaged at key-on, drive-inn feature... There are
no Mustangs in the USA market with factory DLRs. Not even sure you
can order them, but you can make your own circuit for them. I would use
lower power to the fog lights for DLRs.


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FYI: It's cheaper at CARID, Amazon and eBay.

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For what it's worth, you can make your own with a Relay, and use the lo-beams
for DLRs. DLRs are just lower powered lighting... The module is the same thing,
a relay, but contains a resister for lower power to the lights so they're dimmer.
Hi-beams are usually used, so when you turn the headlamps on, they turn
off. If you use the LO beams, they will be dimmer as DLRs, then full power
when switched on.