Capless fuel filler - Stant 41003 instant fill gas cap for Mustangs

Pete fender

Pete Fender
I'm thinking of buying a cap-less adapter, so I don't loose another fuel cap.
I had to replace my cap on a trip because the original started letting just enough air in, that my CEL kept coming on.
On long trips, (Tampa to Washington, DC, 980+ miles) I like to know everything that goes wrong, and if the light stays on, I can't tell.
This cap is a direct replacement, $12-$16, and no modifications are needed. Just like the newer Fords.
Just put it in like the original, and you never have to remove it.
Plus, the cool factor is there.
My local AutoZone has them, so tomorrow....

Pete fender

Pete Fender
The new conventional cap did not come with a lanyard, and the one I had does not fit.

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They have been around since at least the year 2000 that I can remember.
I tried one on my 2000 Avenger ES, and it just didn't work right. They're
probably better designed now, but that is nothing new. They used to
call them something like, through the cap, fuel filling, something or other.

Hagan, Perm-a-Cap, and many others have made them, and still do. You're
gonna find out that the nozzle may not get down far enough to open the metal
door at the fill neck, and the gas will just keep shutting off because it will
fill up under the cap way to fast.

I don't see how removing a gas cap in order to fill the tank, and then replacing the cap
after filling the tank is a difficult task...


This would be the correct one, IF you must:

You'll need that part to left, to keep the internal door open... It goes into the cap,
so when you put the cap on, that piece goes into the fill neck and opens the metal

Or, buy an adapter for the Stant, the 2225 or 1520:


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I also know some or all of them are not vented. I remember the big "Pshhhh" I
got when I opened the flap with the fuel nozzle. I did eventually take it off, it
was more a PITA than it was worth. Like I said, they may have changed. The
primary reason for them was people leaving their gas caps at the pumps. I
was not immune to that either... Now, most gas caps are tethered to the
car, so there is no need for it.

I run 451 miles a day, 4-days a week, and I only gas twice, I think I can handle
it. Even if I have to use my '08, it's still only two stops. I think in the end, you
will end up taking it off. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread,
but it took more effort to fuel it because of the gas filling under the cap and
shutting the pump off... I got tired of that; went in the trunk, got and put the old
one back on, and tossed the fill-through one right in the trash, on site...

Hope it works for you though... I won't ever buy one again.