Car feels hot inside


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I hate using the A/C so i always ride with the windows down, latley its been feeling like the Heater is on all the time but it isnt, its on off, and theres no air from the vents, it just feels hot inside comming from the hole dash of the car, My temp. guage reads normal and i have enough coolant in the car, What might be cousing the heat?


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mine does thsi too..maybe becaues my exhaust flanges arnt touching and im pretty much running dumps after the cats... i need to get hat fixed lol


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This happens to me all the time people in the car say "is the heater on" I say on it's just the heat from the engine going thru the firewall.


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It happens at night too, well i dont have any dumps, Hmmmm i cant really think of anything that might be cuasing it besides the engine slightly overheating, but all my guages read normal:crazy:
Is the A.C.clutch even cycling? You may simply need an A.C. rehcarge.


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Mustang do not have a valve for the heater core, so there is alway engine temp water, or close to it going through it.
This is what you are feeling is the heat from the heater core/box.
My car does the same thing, well make that both of them.


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does it happen when its cold out? i got a convertable and i always feel heat raidiating off of the dash board, maybe thats it?:confused: also think of mods that you did to the engine and think about the time when it started doing this, maybe theyre related some how?