Catch Can Project


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Will post completed pics when it's installed. I probably won't be using that hose they
include with the kit, I have plenty of trans cooler line hose...


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Temporary hook up till the AN10 braided hose comes, and a new BLACK can.
The mounting clip on this one broke, and I already put the holes in the plenum
for mounting, so will be on the engine instead of where it is now. IF you look upper
right, you can see the holes in the plenum...


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REVISED, Waiting for the black braided stainless hose to come in!

Still have the red one hooked up till I get this done. Maybe use BOTH? Hmmm.....


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Finished it today:

Measuring hoses and checking for kinks and such:

Cut my original PCV hard line to make quick disconnects for the braided hose:

Put the quick disconnects on the hoses:


This was what was in the other one ~2000 miles:

10AN Braided line was just under $3.00 a foot on eBay.

Catch can was $24.00 on eBay, and is baffled for steel wool. The baffle is about 1.5" in
diameter. It unscrews and you have about a .5" of height to put the material in.

The black one, they sent me a new kit for free when the bracket broke on the red one.