Center console; Am I missing something?


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While pulling my radio to TRY and fix the CD changer (fail), I saw this stuff:

Then, there is this harness under it:

So, what am I missing?

I found all kinds of stuff inside here, that PEN, some change, and that griffin strap...

Oh, and for 2008 owners, the plug was there for the info/menu/reset center; it's actually
plugged into the blank plate. So, I can update my cluster..

I also like how it's twice as much than others, even used, being a mustang version.


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FOUND IT!!! It was wedged down between the hump, and side of the console.
Far enough down I could have lifted the side out and it would have fallen out to
the floor.


There it is now... I need to make a cut-out for the 2x USB ports, and HDMI port coming
from the Eonon radio.

Now I can hook up a trunk release button! Very easy to do with any momentary
push button switch.
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