Check engine light after brake/caliper chsnge...


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Today I changed my brake calipers and now my check engine light is on. I haven't bled the lines yet and was wondering if this could be the source of the problem? There is still fluid in my reservoir but the brakes are extremely soft. I pumped the pedal for almost 5 minutes, and they are still soft.

If this doesn't sound like the reason for the check engine light, can you think of any other reasons that the brake change could have caused the light to come on? Thanks, Jason


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If your brakes are extremmly soft you mustve goten air in the system some how and it will need bleeding. Did you detatch any hoses for some reason? Check and make sure you didnt take the ABS sensor off too, that may be a cause of your check engine light.


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So, you changed the calipers and didn't bleed the brakes? BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD.

ANY air in the brake lines at all will result in extremely soft, spongy, and downright DANGEROUS brakes.

If you disconnected the hoses, you MUST bleed the brakes immediately.

So, since you've got a check engine light coming on, you must have ABS. Your ABS system is freaking out because of all the air in your brake lines (which has wiggled it's way into every nook and cranny of the system since you started/drove the car and then pumped the brakes for "at least 5 minutes" without bleeding them).

You need to THOROUGHLY bleed every line, in the proper manner. I'd suggest reading up on how to do this (which you should have done *before* you decided to change your calipers).

DO NOT DRIVE THAT CAR! You're going to get into an accident.


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the check engine light is telling you that you have lots of air in your system.
air doesn't move caliper pistons which means your brakes won't work worth
a damn. bleed the system immediately. and you're going to have to run a lot
of fluid through it since you've probably worked up quite a lot of froth and
air bubbles through the fluid there is left in the system.


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Um.... Some guys need to calm down! I didn't beed the brakes becasue I ran out of time. it's not like I wasn't going to do it. I did it this afternoon when i had time to get to it. I bled the lines and added new fluid, and the brakes are working perfectly. However, the SES light still remains. I ran a diagnostic on it and it came out clean. No problems. So, I'll wait a few days to see what happens, and then I'llcheck something else. Thanks for the replies. Jason