cleaning out house!!! --everything must go...3 knives for 10$ shipped!!!


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Things for sale:

***I am selling everything for BEST OFFER...and dont try to low ball me
*feel free to pm, aim, or email me for more info and pics...

this thread will be updated daily

tippman 98 custom - 2 - 20 oz co2 tanks and 1 - 9 oz stock co2. mask and stock barrel - plus extras
140$ shipped

NUMARK CD MIX 1 – **looking for 150$**

This unit has been used for the past 2 years. Its still in great shape and works great. It also comes with an oddesey case with 6 racks spaces below it for anything else. cant ship the case..

PAIR OF JBL SPEAKERS – MODEL J325 - 50$ pickup

These speakers are for indoor use and are very hard to find. They have been used for a few years and still rock like they are new. They are in great shape.


AUDIOBAHN 1500 WATT SUB ***any offer**

Not sure what model sub this is. If interested email or pm me.


This is a great sub that has been used for almost a year. It still pounds and is in mint shape. It fits perfect in the back of my mustang in the slanted 10” box. The sub is 800 watts max and 400 rms.

KENSINGTON WIRELESS MOUSE ***looking for 10 shipped$***

Brand new- don’t have pics…If interested just ask,

2 MUSTANG CLEAR RH/PASSENGER SIDE + 1 CLEAR CORNER FOR RH SIDE ***any offer****sold - 1 cobra headlight sold - clear corner***
25$ shipped for aftermarket headlight, 15 shipped for both corners. 20 shipped for stock drivers side headlight..

just added - brand new stock drivers side corner, and used passenger side headlight stock.

I have a couple clear headlights that weren’t even used. I also have a clear corner. If anyones been in a fender bender or there aftermarket clear headlights are leaking water heres your chance.

OVER 40 KNIVES- ***5$ a piece***

I have a wide variety of pocket knives that I need to get rid of. So if anyones looking for a pocket knife just hit me up for more info and pics. ^^^if someone wants to sell these seperate on ebay and make some loot..ill sell them all for a cheap price. let me know if interested.

20 GIG WESTERN DIGITAL HD ***15$ shipped**

Was used in my xbox, pulled it out when I put a aftermarket one in.

20 GIG BLUE REMIX IRIVER - ***sold***

STEEDA BILLET AC KNOBS - 90-04 ***sold***

TONS OF CDS – 5$ for most..some more some less..just ask

2 shaggy cds
Christina Aguilera
Debelah morgan
Eve – scorpion
Jewel – pieces of you
Jewel – spirit
dmx – and then there was x
st. lunatics – free city
jay-z – the blueprint 2 – the gift and the curse – 2 cds
ricky martin
nappy roots
juvenile – 400 degrees
kc & jojo
destiny’s child – survivor
Jay z – vol 3 – life and times of s. carter
The diplomats – diplomatic immunity
All saints
Sprung monkey – mr funny face
The mighty mighty bosstones – lets face it
Dj clue – the professional 2
Aerosmith – 9 lives
Will smith – big willie style
Tyrese – 2000 watts
Dru hill – dru world order
Method man – judgement day
Crazy town – butterfly
Tatu – 200 km in the wrong lane
Puff dady and family – no way out
Young bleed – my balls and my word
Foxy brown – ill na na
Dmx – the great depression
Nelly – nellyville
Next Friday soundtrack
Weird al – 2 cds
New edition – home again
Everclear – so much for the afterglow
Backstreet boys – bunch of cds by them
Run dmc – king of rock
Busta rhymes – extinction level event
Busta rhymes – when disaster strikes
Sisqo – unleash the dragon
Lil bow wow – doggy bag
Ja rule – rule 3:36
The beatles – past masters – vol 2
Def jams how to be a player soundtrack
Cradle 2 the grave soundtrack
Bootie jams
Montell Jordan - lets ride
Greenday – nimrod
Bad boy’s greatest hits – vol 1
Boyz to men
Wycleff jean – masrade
Third eye blind
Adam sandler – whats your name?
Silverchair – frogstone
Uncle kracker – double wide
Puff daddy – forever
The lox
Tlc – fanmail
Ja rule – pain is love
Joe – stutter
Bustal rhymes – genesis
Jessica simpson – sweet kisses
Busta rhymes – anarchy
Canibus – 2000 bc
Papa roach – infest
Ludacris – back for the first time
Mariah carey – rainbow
Desitny’s child – writings on the wall
Chumbawamba – tubthumper
Ruff endz- no more
2pac – until the end of time
2pac – better dayz – 2 cds
Barber shop the soundtrack
Camron – purple haze

just added:
jay-z - the blueprint
clipse - lord willin
jay-z - hard knock life - vol2
murderers -
p. diddy & bad boy - we invented the remix
bad boys 2 soundtrack
outkast - the love below & speaker box - 2 cds
trick daddy - thugs are us
d'angelo - voodoo
98 degrees - and rising
drag on - opposite of h20
sugar ray - floored
big pun - yeeeah baby
ginuwine - the life
janet jackson - all for you
xzibit - restless
miss E elliot - so addictive
snoop dogg - the last meal
limp bizkit - three dollar bill yall$

*All of these cds are original and some of them come with the original cases and from artwork along with back

I have many more cds – I just need to come across them then I will post them..


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97 tourmaline

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interested in headlights if price its right, i dont want to lowball you any offer,
you should try and posting prices that helps. let me know

never mind i just saw that they are for the same side


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Do you have any decent pocket folders with a 2" or shorter blade? By decent I mean better quality then that frost cutlery you have pictured

Obviously price will be higher then $5 but let me know

Been wanting to replace my current liner lock for a while now


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yea i have plenty of short blades less than 2"..they all are frost cultury tho..if ur still interested i will post pics of the different types


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NUMARK CD MIX 1 – **looking for 150$**

This unit has been used for the past 2 years. Its still in great shape and works great. It also comes with an oddesey case with 6 racks spaces below it for anything else. cant ship the case..


i dont know jack about dj stuff. do these speakers hook up to the Cd mixer?

if so how much for both?


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they are all new knives. some of them are up to 7" with cases and some are small pocket knives like 3"


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