cleaning out house!!! --everything must go...3 knives for 10$ shipped!!!


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Hey looking to see what type of pocket knives you have. Im kinda looking for one, lets say 4 inchs long closed, 6 1/2 when extended. If you have any like that, let me know.

Any pics to [email protected]



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Hey whats the biggest pocket knives you got? Still 5 dollas? I wasnt some pretty good sized ones.

the biggest pocket knife i got are 9" open, the blades 3.5" and the rest 5" closed.

the eagle eye 3 and the green beret folder are the biggest and they also come with cases so you can attach them to your belt.

as pictured..the one on the left is the green beret and the bottom one is the eagle eye.


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will do 5$ shipped for 1 knife
2 - 10$ shipped
3 - 12$ shipped
4 - 15 shipped
and so on....

the more you buy the more stuff i will throw in.. just ask

*already have an order for knives going out tommorow so if transaction goes down tonight, they will be in the mail tommorow