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First of all, I would like to thank all of you helped me on my last thread. By the time the site problems had been fixed, it was old and I did not want to bump it. You guys are truly great and I appreciate your help.

Do you enjoy recieving traffic citations? Do you mind investing a little cash into your car? Do you enjoy being just like everyone else?

What if I told you I have a way to help you avoid citations and turn a little bit of money into a lot of fun, all while setting your car off from the pack?

And the secret can be yours for only 12 payments of $9.95- just kidding! I'll tell you how: a radar detector and CB radio.

You are probably thinking, "This guy is crazy if the thinks I'm going to put a cheap hunk of plastic on my dash. And a big, ugly antenna ain't gonna happen."

Bear with me here. You have $120 burning a hole in your pocket, don't kid yourself.

Okay, so here are the products: a Whistler XTR-145 radar detector, a Wilson Little Wil CB antenna, and a Uniden PRO510XL radio.

These are cheap products. Their performance is marginal at best. But, if you are cheap and want something to get the job done, these products will do just the trick.

The Whistler XTR-145 radar detector is okay. It is not going to reach very far, and will have lots of false alarms. But, I tell you from experience, it does work. If you can make your cheap ass look past its faults, at the end of the day it will alert if there is radar in close proximity across many bands and even LIDAR.

I snagged one of these suckers at work the other day because they were on clearance for $30. I couldn't resist. The device comes with a suction cup mount which I have hidden behind the head liner and is incredibly simple to wire in to your car. Mine turns on and off with ignition. It is an incredibly clean installation.

If you place this detector where mine is, your LIDAR detection will most likely be worthless. LEO's don't use it near where I drive, so for the clean look, I mounted it above the rear view. This keeps the device hidden behind the pony on the glass.

Picture of the XTR-145 hidden behind the pony on the windshield:

First, I found a fuse that got 12 volts on ignition. I chose #20 in the under dash fuse box. I read that it is for a convertible top motor. I figured it would be safe to tap into because I do not have a vert, and the thing draws fewer than 2 amps. Then, I picked up a 15 amp "Add-A-Fuse" from my auto store of choice, and soldered the positive feed in. I then ran a wire to the negative wire on the battery to ground the unit. I do not suggest this, because it is not neccessary and you should simply choose and clean a bolt inside the cabin to use that is grounded for simplicity. So far, I have had no problems and the device has turned on/off with ignition flawlessly.

I used the included suction cup mount (which I mentioned earlier) to stick the radar detector to the windshield. This mount can not be seen from inside or outside the vehicle with it tucked neatly behind the headliner. I also ran my wiring along the headliner and down the pillar to produce a clean look.

Picture of the unit from inside the vehicle:

For the CB, I carefully selected my antenna for one that looks and functions well. I chose the Wilson Little Wil because of it's outstanding reviews. It is a magnetic antenna (no drilling required,) so it stuck right on the fender opposite the stock FM antenna, which I think looks pretty cool. My 8" shorty FM antenna just looked odd with the CB antenna on the other fender. My girlfriend says it makes it look "fierce," which I thought was odd but, hey, the ladies like it, guys!

Picture of the front of my car with the dual antennas:

I ran the coax cable through the cowl and fender, and through the wiring boot in the door. Be sure to include a drip loop. I ran the cable under the dash and behind the head unit. I removed the head unit and bezel and took the Dremel to it and cut a slot for the CB. It was 4.5 inches wide. I simply used 3M double-sided tape to mount the radio. The thing is bulletproof. It won't budge. I mounted the mike holder on the passenger side to keep it out of the way. It does not interfere with my use of the radio or the shifter. And, I simply toss it in the console when not in use. For the finishing touch, I bent the antenna as close as I could get it to parallel to my FM one and painted it matte black.

Picture of the CB in dash:

I think this turned out to be a very clean setup that can hopefully help me avoid a couple citations. Do not forget to have your radio tuned for SWR to avoid damaging it and, you should have about 2-4 miles of range on average road. This is more than enough for my buddies and I when we go out cruising. It is a lot of fun to radio each other while driving down the highway! It has gotten me some funny looks, but no negative comments! I enjoy it. And, the radar detector not only looks cool, but it does an okay job for just $30!

Please share your thoughts, guys!