Clutch pedal travel & throttle hang

ivan clark

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Hello from New Zealand ; new to the v6mustang forum but looks like a GREAT source of info.
I recently purchased a '2003 v6 5 speed manual , with just 75k kilometres on the clock (export model has kmh speedo / not mph ) , still left hand drive , which is proper ; pity about the speedo face though...)
my questions first time up are ;
the clutch pedal comes out a LONG way before it starts to engage ; far more than any other vehicle I've owned, and the clutch is good / not slipping/ bites fine / just comes a long way out before it starts to take up.
before joining the forum today ; reading on line suggested the 'Maximum Motor Sports' firewall adjuster, cable, and aluminium quadrant would be a good help to get the clutch action a little closer to 'normal' ; just received and installed the kit and the clutch feels nicer , still comes out a ways , but it is better , BUT what has changed is now depressing the clutch pedal (loading the release bearing) gives a low grating that sounds like a worn release bearing ; you'd say that's what it is, as I would , EXCEPT ; prior to installing the Maximum kit , the clutch was quiet as a church mouse, the only change has been the install, with resulting improved clutch action, and instantly I have a growly whirring like a bad bearing when the clutch is depressed , from standing start and also on any gear change, that remains audible right up until the clutch is almost totally 'out' / foot off the pedal (needs to be say 3/4's of the way out for it to go away, and it only does this 50% of the time ; other than that it's quiet / then growly / random...) ; again , the only thing that changed was the kit install ; the car only has 75kms on it (just over 50k's in miles) so would be surprised if the bearing nuked itself that quick , or nuked itself on the kit install ; has anyone else struck anything weird like this when installing the alloy quadrant + firewall adjuster ( ? ) ; a clutch specialist down here suggested the noise was now transmitting up the cable and through the alloy quadrant / no longer a nylon quadrant to sound deaden, but not really feeling that.... any ideas / feedback will be appreciated (I've been building street rods for 37 years and never struck anything like this...)
and for the second part ; what I think you guys in USA call 'throttle hang' ; you take your foot off the gas , clutch in to change gear , and the revs stay high / don't instantly drop once your foot is off the gas like a 'normal' throttle does ; the revs come down 'slowly' but they might still be hung up above 2 - 2 1/2K rpm by the time you're already letting the clutch back out (another new one to me , but have seen snippets about this on v6mustang site). look forward to any and all feedback on the above ; it's a nice tidy little low mileage car if I can just sort these couple of issues. Thanks in advance.


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yes the rpm's do hang a bit, but should be no more than than a second or two.

As to the clutch.. yea don't know about that.


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The rpm hang is entirely due to the dashpot decay rate in the tune.

I've not tried what six gun mentioned about a restrictor plate for the idle air valve so I cant comment on that. I would assume that would cause problems with cold starts, or at least throw a check engine light.