Commandments of Mustang Owning


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I've found an exception....

LED tail lights

+ VHT blacked out

+ black car

= looks pretty sick (especially at night, blackout helps in the day)

I also do #12 from time to time. I'm a total ricer. I HATE my auto and I'm self-conscious about it. It also gets boring sitting at a light sometimes.
There's also a legit reason for me to do it: my exhaust doesn't rattle when I'm in N.
I have been guilty of #24, but only on long trips, the CB will save you lots of money and time. I am constantly doing #28 but not just for Mustangs.

#2 needs revision I will not put a chin spoiler on my Roush.

4th amandment needs to include side exit.


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Bump. Lol

How is this not pinned? It could be saving 100’s of Mustangs from becoming an abomination or 100’s of people from castration.


There's almost no running V6 SN95's left on this planet and what does remain is like 4 possible categories:

  • Museum piece (like a Saleen V6 or something)
  • Owned from new by original owner, probably going to be sold in the next 5 or 6 years to someone who wants to V8 swap it & pretend they're gonna autocross it but really they're just going to do rev limiter donuts out behind the mini storage till they put it sideways into a guard post.
  • Barely functional, sloppy, abused, filthy, full of tetanus, gonna be in a parts yard next year
  • Already owned by the exact kind of person who's probably violating 80% of the "commandments" at the top of this thread but they're having the time of their life and don't give a hoot what anyone thinks.
Seriously I can't remember the last time I saw in person just a clean, decently built & maintained V6 SN95