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3 in my county yesterday, and just released 8 today.

i know a person that was tested. she got tested on monday, and it went to some lab in AZ. that lab got so backed up that she still doesn't have her results. they started sending tuesday test somewhere else and they are getting their results before tests sent to AZ. fully expecting that 8 to be 50+-100 by monday.
It doubled overnight here according to the state website. In Missouri at least. No cases reported in my county yet.


Lady at my wife's work husband thought he had it so he went yesterday to his doctor after calling them. He was able to get tested same day. But yet my cousin called me yesterday and she was saying how she couldn't get her husband tested and was getting the run around. I heard from her today and they are getting it taken care of today. I wonder how often it is that people are just giving wrong answers, and makes me wonder if they are doing it nefarious purposes. I'm sure we've all experienced calling someone like DirecTV and getting an answer, immediately hanging up and calling back and getting a complete different one. That's how it seems testing is going, which is bullshit given this is a much more serious problem then DTV raising the prices $5.


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Really sucks the tests just aren't automatic. Should be by now if someone would have taken this more seriously at the start.

I know two people genuinely concerned about having it. The first person called in and was really happy with the doctor she got. This is the one that was tested teh day of. The second person called in and got a doctor she feels like just blew her off. She has not been tested yet and was told to go back to work.


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My wife is the president of the realtor association this year and one of her realtors has CV19. This was an update this morning. The woman is younger 70s.

Updates on Jeanette

Update for last night:
Her daughters talked to her last night. She was in excruciating pain. She actually had to hang up because she was hurting so badly. They spoke to her doctor and he said the pain comes in waves & this is “normal” for the virus. Please just say prayers & let others know how serious it is. He also said Jeanette is doing as well as expected.

Update this morning:
Jennifer talked to the nurse just now and she said Jeanette is sleeping. She said she went in & gave her pain and anti-nausea meds this morning when she got there.


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My granny is in Nashville and got one of the drive-through tests from Vanderbilt. Still waiting on results 2 days later. She had visited an infectious disease doctor due to a cough two weeks ago. Was recommended to get that test to be sure it's not the 'rona. Not sure if she really has it or not but it's pretty nerve racking to hear that. Last I heard she was resting a lot and still coughing, hoping she's all good.


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First case in our county was announced today. Sounds like it may be a bus driver for our school.


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All the big cities around have issued stay at home orders.

yup. we're scrambling work wise but it will be ok b/c customers can still send orders. they are down business wise themselves so not the end of the world, but we have a same day/overnight order fulfillment policy so just weird sitting on the stuff for a while


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How many days will it take til we pass China in number of positive cases? My guess is three