Cristmas facelift...2013 GT bumper on 2011 v6. will it fit?

Chuck Clinton

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Hey Guys, Obviously new to the forum, but I'm in need of some quick help. I bought a wrecked 2011 v6 for my daughter and fixed the front end....without knowing she really loved the 2013 front bumper cover. I was told that the bumper cover from the '13 would fit the '11 with the corresponding hood. I've just started researching to make sure, but I need an answer today. I have found a '13 front bumper cover off of a GT for a really good deal and thought I would make the swap for her for a Christmas present then try to sell her "11 front end. but I've got to meet the guy today. I've checked the online kits and everything seems to be listed for v6/GT in the same year...but will that '13-'14 fit the '10 -'12 with the hood change? Thanks for any help! Y'all have a Merry Christmas!


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I am not sure you need the hood. The front bumper cover on the
'13 GT has more of a "nose" on them, the upper sticks out past the hood,
while the '11 V6 is more even with the front of the hood. There may
also be some plastic and fastener things you need, but it should not
be a hard swap.