Custom 99-04 Turbo System


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Up for sale is the custom turbo kit I built for road racing. I am selling because my goals in racing have changed and I am looking to move to a new platform. This kit was put together to withstand the harsh environments of road racing, the need to make good power, and to provide excellent drivability. No expense was spared putting this package together. This kit made 260hp and 310tq on a stock motor with just 2psi of boost. On my 4.3 motor, the kit was able to get 330hp/350tq on 6psi. The turbo is capable of 400+hp with increased boost. You can read through my build thread here to see the troubles I went through to get this together:

Project: Road Race Turbo V6 -

Here are the most recent pictures of the system installed on the car:

The parts were selected by consulting top race teams and the manufacturers to determine the best combination to deliver reliable power that is drivable. At 6psi, full boost is achieved by 1800rpm on a stock 3.8 motor. The piping is sized to allow boost to come on smoothly so there are no power spikes through the RPM. You will not find a smoother turbo system for the V6. This kit would be a great way to get into the power adder game at a very good price. Here is a list of what I am providing and the cost if you were to source the parts yourself:

· Precision 3431E Turbo (.61AR) - $750

· Precision 44mm Wastegate - $340

· Tial Q 50mm BOV - $260

· CX Racing Intercooler (27”X11”X3”) - $162

· Earls Oil Cooler - $100

· Remote Oil Filter Adapter - $100

· Borla 3” Sportsman Muffler - $130

· Sieman Deka 60pph Injectors - $320

· VAP Auto Windstar Upper intake kit - $425

· AEM Wideband O2 Sensor - $205

· Autometer Boost Gauge - $75

· Autometer Oil Temp and Pressure Gauges - $150

· Custom Turbo Headers - $250

· Turbo Blanket - $50

· Header Wrap - $100

· Oil Lines and AN fittings - $100

· Tubing for hot side - $200

· Cold side piping - $140

That is over $3,800 just in parts if you were trying to piece this system together yourself. It has taken several hundred man hours just in fabrication. The system is out of the car now and ready to pack up and ship anywhere in the lower 48 states. Price will include shipping and insurance.

This system has a total of 3 hours of run time on it that includes dyno sessions and testing on track. The parts are all basically new with a little soot from the short run time. The system is designed for the windstar intake (included) and will require the AC compressor to be removed or relocated (similar to a Vortec supercharger kit. I will also include the AC delete pulley so you do not have to source that. I will also include extra piping that I did not use so if you need to make some changes, you at least have the materials.

Here is what the system does not include that you will have to source or fabricate:

· MAF – I ran this car on a Megasquirt so a MAF was not used.

· Fuel Pump – Planning on keeping with car/motor. Let me know if interested though.

· Fuel Rails – Custom built and keeping with motor (return style). The OEM ones will be fine for 350+hp.

· Mounts for intercooler.

· Tune.

· Exhaust from muffler back – My exhaust ran through my car and I know not many people want that. The muffler is included so your work is minimal. To connect to an existing system.

I am asking $2800 shipped for the full system. I am open to negotiating things like fuel pump and the custom fuel rails that are on the motor now. This kit is ideal for the person who wants to do a custom turbo kit, but doesn’t have the time/tools to fabricate a full system from scratch. You may want to make changes to the kit and this is the perfect base to start with at a hugely discounted price for parts. Please contact me if you have questions on any of the parts in this kit or would like any additional pictures/information.

For those interested, I am also selling my Super Six Motorsports 4.3L engine that has one dyno session on it for a HUGE discount if you want the motor and turbo system together. I will for sale listing soon.


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Definitely interested in that 4.3!

Also wanted to say I am sad to see that you are parting ways with the car, it looks like it was a lot of fun and a lot of experience gained.


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Engine sale is pending. I am willing to part out the turbo system if you want to engineer something yourself and get all the good stuff at a discounted price.


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^ Think that was meant for your partout thread haha. On a sidenote, anyone interested in any of this mans parts should jump on it, he is great to work with and always willing to help!