Custom Fuel Rails Wanted

Captain Max Silver

Captain Max Silver
Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Set Of Fuel Rails Modified With AN Connectors?
Please Let Me Know Who Has For Sale!!! Stock Eng. V6 3.8 Upgraded To New 4.2
In 2000 Mustang. Have Comp Cams 50/50 Cam Installed, 24# 12 Pintel Injectors,
P/P Heads Comp Cams Valve Springs. P/P Upper And Lower Manifolds With Phenolic
Spacer. Any Ideas Where To Get Them Welcomed. Thanks

Captain Max Silver

Captain Max Silver
What size AN do you want on the end? I can try and make a set at my work on the CNC if my boss lets me use the CNC
AN6 Is What I've Made Up At This Time, What We Talkin Bout Money Wize!!! 2000 3.8 V6 Would It Be Set Up For Pressure Guage And Pressure Regulator Similar To My Set Up? What Are You Using For Fuel Rail Stock? Please Let Me Know. Thanks